Love Washed Away

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Everything in life is transient, even the beauties of nature. But when things pass they are replaced in time.

Submitted: January 15, 2008

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Submitted: January 15, 2008



Love Washed Away


Gentle inviting hues of an ancient autumnal horsechestnut

Captured on canvas in warm strokes of art.

Each branch, each leaf, grasps the sun as it dominates the sky

and radiates it's warmth upon the voyeur.

Individual beauties majestified by a grander impression.

Gifts and talents waving in the breeze.

Holding tight to the trunk of solace from life.

Winds blow through time and strip the tree of it's luscious blanket.

Slowly they fall,

one by one, over minutes, hours, days, words.

Yet the sun shines again, and this tree bares fruit

once more.

Paying witness to the wind and rain it has endured.

As though mirth has fallen upon the canvas

and drowned the beauty into a thick colourless sludge.

So too can be described the loss of love and self

As wind and rain blow hard against an open heart.

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