a hard life by lily rose

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

a short poem i wrote about an anerversery

ever felt like your going down
and in your sorrows you begin to drown
but as you go down you bob back to the surface
and you want to punch every one in the face
you want to foget the world and go too sleep
and when you wake up you aint in too deep
your wishin it would go away
with all the pain of yesterday
before you know it years have passed
you cant rememer how they looked in the past
all your memories start to fade
and your fed up of having your heart layed
but its time too move on thats in the past
lets get my feelings back at last

Submitted: February 25, 2011

© Copyright 2022 lilyrose 1997. All rights reserved.

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glitter snow426

wow, so cleverly told!! I certainly love this special one indeed!! great stuff, straight from the heart, spirit too!

Fri, February 25th, 2011 9:05am


Thank you

Fri, February 25th, 2011 5:34am

from d heart

nice poem...life s always meant to move forward n nothin last for ever not even d pains .....
have a look on my writings..hope u like them

Wed, October 5th, 2011 7:31pm


thankyou and will do :)

Thu, October 6th, 2011 8:45am


i have felt that actually :) keep them coming genuis work

Fri, April 20th, 2012 12:40pm


thankyou for your comment i think most people have felt something similar thankyou :)

Fri, April 20th, 2012 10:39am

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