then it happend

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Submitted: November 28, 2011

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Submitted: November 28, 2011



as i walk,
people stare.
hate and love,
present there.

eyes on me,
as i walk past.
intensive stares,
so i walk fast.

i cant figure out,
if its hate or care.
as i watch,
these people stare.

a gentle tear,
rolls down my cheek.
letting them know,
i am weak.

letting them see,
that day to day.
im hoping the pain,
does go away.

heart ache and pain,
is it in my mind?
or is it real?
pain will you find?

when i look,
to the sky.
and see the stars,
way up high.

as if to wink.
a beautiful sight,
i dardnt blink.

stars shining,
winking at me.
i am free.

each star shines,
a resting soul.
watching me,
achive my goal.

an owl sings,
a birds sweet song.
as i slowly,
trek along.

and i stop,
and deep breath.
this gergous sight,
i cant belive.

i lay down,
face to the sky.
i drift away,
dream levels high.

as i dream,
everyones a star.
shinning brightly,
its what you are.

dreaming sweetly,
no one knows.
or notices,
as time goes.

when im gone,
sleeping like this.
it seems the world around,
does not miss.

cause im alone,
full of pain.
with a jolt,
im awake again.

as i look a shinning,
person there.
as she speaks,
she says she cares.

a shinning creature,
delicate wings.
as she speaks,
her voice it sings.

'i am here,
you can stay.
and the pain,
will go away'.

'how' i speak,
gentle voice.
'walk with me,
its your choice.

or stay there,
full of pain.
being hurt,
again and again.

but walk with me,
and it will stop'
now i see she starts walking,
a gracefull hop.

a split second,
i decide to go.
and out of me,
the pain does flow.

her wings flap,
lifts off the ground.
i look down,
the same ive found.

i lift up,
find my wings.
now when i talk,
my voice sings.

rising up,
as i look down.
there arises,
a small frown.

'whats the matter',
she does say
'ive made the pain,
go away'.

'i know im greatfull',
i reply.
but while my soul,
is flying high.

what will become,
of me below.
of my miricle,
will all know'?

'no' she says,
'to them youve gone.
but your journeys,
just begun.

now your with us,
happiness i give.
and lost ones,
youll be with.

all the ones,
that have gone.
and once where,
your love shone.

now you will,
it will be,
a glorious sight.

down there,
they will shed a tear.
but in good knowledge,
you are here.

you will be missed,
but they will know.
your in a better place,
and let you go.

but you can watch,
and one day.
youll reunite,
but anyway.

i have took,
away your pain.
i can give it,
back again.

'no' i say,
'its alright.
thankyou for
this amazing sight'.

'its ok,
now your free.
in a place,
you can be'.

'thankyou for
all of this
but will i really,
be that missed'.

'why of course
step this way'
and i did,
you will one day 

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