Motel Room(A Short Story of Some Sort)

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A MAN MURDERS SOMEONE SIMULARE TO MY OTHER SORT STORY HANGOVER. Please leave some comments and feedback =)

Submitted: April 25, 2009

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Submitted: April 25, 2009



Motel Room(A Short Story of Some Sort)
Beer cans and blood litter the shitty motel room
I can’t tell if the blood is mine from snorting the excessive amount of heroin that I did,
Or hers from the struggle.
I can’t remember much just … the knife. Yes the knife that is now in my hand, covered in blood and clumps of something that I think is hair and flesh.
I really can’t hear anything until this buzzing noise comes into my head and I realize it’s a bathroom fan.
I look at the bathroom and from what I can see it’s covered I blood.
I sigh. I guess I’ll have to go in there sooner or later.
I walk in and immediately throw up. No matter how many times I do this I think I’ll always throw up.
The wall as I saw when outside of the bathroom is covered in crimson. In the sink is also bloody and in it are little square things that I think are teeth. My bare feet make a squishing noise when I walk on the floor because of the blood and entrails covering it. I look at the square glass shower area that is closed in.It has a translucent door so the onlooker can see the general idea of what is in the shower but not the whole thing. What I see is that door stained red but nothing else. I open the door and almost keel over from the sight and smell. There is a torso of a woman in the middle of the floor. On the left side of it is a pair of legs from the knees down and on the right is the rest of the legs, thigh to knee. Next to that is a set of arms. This of course is not what disturbs me the most though. What disturbs me the most was that hanging from the shower head was a women’s severed head. Her mouth is gaping open toothless and bloody and her innocent looking blue eyes are empty. I quickly turn around and close the shower and bathroom door. I go and sit on a reclining chair and start to drink my beer.
What a shitty motel room.

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