Forgetting Him Isn't Easy.

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a love story beteween a "jock" and an "emo"

this is only the 1st chapter if you want me to continue just comment my profile(:

Submitted: December 19, 2009

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Submitted: December 19, 2009



I avoided all the stares as i pulled up into the parking lot of North Valley High School. My name is Alexandra Reedy. Everyone just calls me Alex. I climbed out of the candy apple red mustang and grabbed my book bag. "ALEX!" i heard someone yell. I spun around and saw my best friend Samantha. "Alex!! I haven't seen you in ages!" she said grinning. "Yeah, that's what happens when you leave your best friend here in California to go visit relatives in New York for the summer!" I said rolling my eyes. "Alex, i told you. I had no choice. It sucked without my daredevil there with me." she said punching my arm slightly. "Hey, have you seen Jeremy?" i asked Sam as we walked toward the doors of the school. "Ooooh! no, why? Did you guys finally admit your love for each other while i was gone?" she playfully asked. "Shut up Sam! We don't love each other like that! Besides, he hooked up with Cassidy!" i replied glancing sideways at her. Samantha's huge green eyes widened. "SHUT UP! are you serious!!?" she gushed. "duh i'm serious Sam!" i said rolling my eyes again. We walked up to our newly assigned lockers. "So did anything new happen to you?" Sam asked trying to break the ice. "no, nothing new ever happens to me Sam."  i replied watching the scared faces of all the freshman kids. I turned back to my locker and hung up my mirror.

The reflection in it reminded me of who i really am. Alexandra Reedy. Daughter of Jane and Ricky Reedy. The 2nd richest family in North Valley. My dull charcoal colored eyes and my long black hair resembled my mom. My olive colored skin and dimples resembled my dad. I pulled my stare away from the mirror. "Alex, don't look now but Justin Ballard is coming!" Sam whispered. I gulped and grabbed my ipod out of my bag. I put in the earbuds and focused on the music coming from the tiny device. And i can't breath without you here for fear i'll catch your scent and we both know how bad i get. I don't do well on dwell and change don't you know that three small words could make this okay? "Hi Alexandra." someone said from behind me. I turned and saw Justin. "It's Alex." i replied coldly. "I remember. um, so i was wondering how your summer was." Justin asked stuttering. "it was fine." i replied flatly. "oh well, i'll talk to you later." Justin said awkwardly. I didn't reply. I turned to look at Samantha who was watching me with worried eyes. This was going to be one tough year.

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Forgetting Him Isn't Easy.

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