The Daily Struggles of No One

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A well lived life is achieved by self reflection, perhaps most do not lead fulfilling lives due to having nothing of value to reflect upon.

Submitted: January 05, 2012

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Submitted: January 05, 2012




He stepped onto the dusky street, already reeking with the unmistakable stench of tobacco and failure. Just as he always did.

By the time the shadows claimed the city drenching the sultry darkness its denizens had been accustomed too, he had already been adrift in the

vast expanse of buildings and dreams for hours. He had no thoughts on his mind whilst wandering through bright glow of shops flickering neon signs

and cars seeming to move at a speed incomprehensible to even the sharpest of eyes. Turning into a blandly colored down apartment complex, he traversed the 

stained wooden and stopped at a row of rooms; all identical to each so to not break the painful uniformity achieved by all the buildings on the street.

Quickly inserting a key into a lock on a door reading "Room 220", he opened the door, releasing an odor of sweat and malt liquor. 

Wading through the lonely aura in his home he made his way to the a small dusty window. He pulled a foldable chair up to the ledge of the window he

wiped the dust away revealing a fantastic array of small lights in the distance, all colliding with the dark hue of purple in a supernova of beauty.

Accustomed to the yearning that overcame him whenever he saw the collision of colors in the night sky, he simply sighed and unbuttoned the

top button on his wrinkled black shirt and wished that he could dance amongst the lights, and that one day he could melt into the sunset.

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The Daily Struggles of No One

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