Death of my beauty

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You just have to let go, even if it is hard

Submitted: November 19, 2011

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Submitted: November 19, 2011




Looking at your grave,

With tears falling from eyes,

Falling like rain,

I just can’t believe you are away,

Not holding me,

Not wiping my tears,

Not saving me from a bad dream,

Now you are gone,

Leaving me alone,

Everywhere I go I see you,

You are haunting me like a ghost,

A beautiful ghost,

You were my gift sent from heaven,

Every time I look at the sky I fall and start to cry,

I opened the door,

I started to run as fast as I can,

Not knowing where I am going,

I heard a voice,

I couldn’t look back,

I continued to run,

But something stopped me,

I fell on the floor,

I kept my face looking down,

I suddenly heard the same voice again,

A looked up and saw you,

I started to tear again,

You said,

Even though I am gone,

You will always be with me,

I tried to hold you but you were gone,

You where gone with the wind,



I love you \"heart\"

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