1. My Hero

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
"Hey Zack! Check this out!" Yelled Mike from across the street. As I walked toward Mike and James I saw something I hoped and wished my eyes wouldn't have see.
A girl crawled in the corner, I could hear her sobs.
"Isn't she a cutie!" said James with a grin

Would Zack save the girl ?
Would he follow his friends lead ?

Submitted: August 29, 2012

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Submitted: August 29, 2012




My Hero



“Hey Zack ! Come check this out !” yelled Mike from across the street. As I walked closer to Mike and James I saw something I wished my eyes wouldn’t have seen.

A girl crawled in the corner, holding her knees close to her chest.  I could hear her  weep.

“Isn’t she a cutie Zack !” James said with a grin. She looked up at me with her big, wide green eyes. Her eyes were filled with fear and terror. I found myself speechless. Something about her, about her eyes made my blood race as if it was running a marathon. “What’s wrong Zack ?” James said as he shoved his fist against my elbow. I felt something rise inside of me, a need to use my bare hands and wrap them around James neck. But I couldn’t. I wanted to help the girl but if I do I would look so weak. I stared at her, she was begging for mercy.

“I will take care of her! You two go, I’ll take it from here” I tried to smile at them hoping my act would be believable, and to my surprise it did.

“Our man is back !” said Mike and then he and James took off. I waited until they were out of sight.

“Please, Please don’t hurt me” said the girl with a broken and fragile voice

“Come with me” I tried to make my voice sound thick and at the same time calm. Honestly I didn’t know how it sounded. She stared at me and then hesitantly she stood up. When she stood up I realized she wasn’t young but in fact she was kind of my age.

I started to walk and I sensed her following me. I didn’t know where on earth I was heading to, all I knew that  had to get her out of here.


None of us talked the entire way.

When I came to a stop I found myself in front of  a horses stable. I didn’t really  want to leave her there but I thought it would be a better place for her to stay during the night and then she could take off in the morning.

I opened the door and gestured for her to sit. I looked around for blankets and my eyes caught some on a pail of hay. I handed them to her. She didn’t take them right away but simply stared at me. So when I found the moment felt awkward I simply set them beside her. I made a bed of hay for her and then started to walk to the door to leave.

“why are you helping me ?” she asked quietly. Actually I didn’t know

“I don’t know” not looking at her

“thank you anyways. You are a brave man”

“what’s your name ?” I said trying to sound friendly. She stared at me and then said

“Lili” she said softly. I let myself get lost in her beautiful name.

“I’m Zack” I stretched my hand and she took it. Her hands were soft but I felt coldness in them. “I will go find wood so I could light up a fire for you” she simply nodded


When I returned she was patting one of the horses nose. She was singing to the horses and whispering nice things. Her voice felt like heaven. When she looked at me I looked away quickly. I started to light up the fire and when I was done I noticed she was staring at me and smiling. God I loved her smile. I would stare at her forever.

“May you stay with me” she said taking my hand and let her fingers slip between mine. They were warm now and soft. I didn’t want to let go, I wanted this to last forever and never end. When she noticed I was holding her hand for too long she let go. I groaned and I heard her giggle.

I set myself up and made a bed for myself too. As she slept I watched over her. She looked so beautiful and her light brown hair feel like cascade. I wanted to go over to her and hold her close to me. I wanted to feel her inside of me. I wanted to tell her everything was going to be okay.

“I am scared, could you come sleep next to me?” she said softly. Her eyes were closed but she still had a smile on her face. Without any hesitation I went over to her and slid my arms around her and pulled her close to me. I felt her relax and she pulled me closer.


 I felt the sun rays on my face. I blinked and I found myself still next to her. She was so still. I touched her face with my finger tips but her face was so cold.

“Lili! Lili!”” I shock her but she didn’t answer or produce any movement. I felt  something inside my pocket, it was a paper from Lili. I flipped the paper and read.


I spent my last moments in my life with the bravest man I have ever seen.


You are so beautiful and kind. You showed me kindness, something I was never given by anyone. I wish I could wait with you much longer. I wish I could have stayed in your arms much longer. I felt safe in them.

Thank you Zack…

Love Lili

I felt tears roll down my eyes. I curled myself into a ball and sobbed. Lili ! her name seemed to echo everywhere inside of me, everywhere especially  in my heart. I just meet her yesterday but it seems as if I have known her for a long time. I wanted to a miracle to happen and she would wake up and I she wouldn’t be dead she would be alive. She would be smiling at me and I would have her in my arms but it was too late, too late…

© Copyright 2020 Linaelkaramanyy. All rights reserved.

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