A Few Poems I Had to Write for Class

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A few poems i had to write for class.

Submitted: May 12, 2011

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Submitted: May 12, 2011



A/n: Some things I had to write for my English class, and a great teacher helped me edit my poems. The first two poems, are experiences I've had, and the others are thoughts I've had; thedoll onewith a different meaning. Depends on how you interpret it. ((I honestly don't know what happened to the text :(! ))

Dead or Alive
“Get away from me!”
Yelling my lung out to the darkness
Pedals on my feet flew
Trailing me like ghost was my friend
Screaming slices through the air
Pedals propelled faster than a Ferrari
The wind lashing out at me
Squinted as I saw the gate to safety
In a wink, I was out on the street,
Pedaling away,
The shadow just wouldn’t leave me alone
In the street lighted as daytime
Sighed to catch my breath as I slowed my pace
Wishing no phantom tail me
I was just another crazy girl
Pedaling for her life
Pony tail dancing fanatically behind her.
Turning back into my dark compound,
I shivered as the dark shadow loomed in the corners of the wall
Beckoning to me,
Warning me.
Suddenly, a sound cut through the night air,
Realization sting my eyes,
A second too late.
What Slammed into me was a motorcycle
Twisted my bicycle into a single wheel
Knocked me against the hard, cold, concrete,
I skidded across the road like a baby on ice.
In a wink it had happened,
As I flipped over my body
Two shiny headlights staring at me
My world spun like a tornado,
Adrenaline blew up my veins,
In a flash, I cast my bike out like a football.
And rolled myself out of the way like a bowling ball.
Surrounding by all the eyes on the street,
Gracefully, I gathered my feet and my bike
As pain rippled through my body,
I rode back home with a posture
Showing no trace of discouragement,
That I was ok.
But was I?
You’re Like a Superhero, My Superhero
I really admire you,
I admire your strength
To hold on to life,
Your strong sense of direction
To never detour from life,
And your audacity
To always stand up after falling
I admire you as a Superhero
Life has been unfair to you,
Tripping, teasing, and prodding .
Yet you push them all aside,
And put on victorious smile that I know so well.
Life must’ve been hard,
When she passed away,
Loneliness and sadness accompany you,
In the dark sea of misery
Deep mourning shows in your eyes,
You can’t veil the pain kept inside
Yet you still wield that smile that reaches your eyes,
For me,
for you,
even for her.
A bright laughter sneaks out of you,
With reluctance but with bravery
I really admire you,
When you smile at the toughest times
You are not alone,
The gloomy days won’t last long
I always admire you
To always be there and make a friend smile
Or give comfort and encouragement.
You’re always there for others
And listen to their complaints.
Life is like crossroads
And you march on the right direction
Making you into the person I know today
That’s why I really admire you
And I guess you know that now.
Dolls Don’t Die
“Pick me up” my eyes wink
“Take me home” my eyeballs turn,
Smile is my way to like you,
Singing epitomizes my appreciation
Cradle me in your arms tenderly
Hold me in your bed contentedly
Take me to the park and sing with me,
Brush my hair meticulously
How luckily I am adored
Now eyes fall off my face
Holes spread on my shirt
Arms detach from my body
Under your bed I lie
Like a shoddy rubbish
“Why do you disregard me?”
My eyes still shine
Dolls don’t die
They just fall apart
Look beneath your bed
Memories fly all over
Tingle like stars high in the dark
So stop.
Look back.
Pick me up kindly
And say farewell to me

The Stars

Stars are the ones to have reached the limit,
And passed on into the night sky,
Urging their loved ones to join them.
As they shine in the sky.
Each one of the stars
Are there for a reason.
Because each one of the stars
Has a story behind it.
The stars in the sky,
Give people hope
Like the shooting star,
As people wish on them.
Yet stars are just rocks,
That hangs in the sky,
Unable to help anyone,
As they watch with their eyes.

© Copyright 2017 Lincarsou. All rights reserved.

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