Endless Fall

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Poem about depression

Submitted: September 16, 2013

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Submitted: September 16, 2013



Into the ocean the pieces of my heart fell,

Like a sand castle tumbling down,

Swept up by lapping waves,

Disappearing into the turbulent abyss of blue.




The waves crashed against the shore,

Beckoning with the foamy tendrils of their arms.

Slithering and extending towards the empty shell

Once contained life and joy.





The tendrils snaked towards my cold body,

And tugged,

And tugged,

Until the sand gave ‘way,

Slowly dragged me into the ocean.





The ocean gurgled and foamed,

Nipping at my fingers as my world tipped.

The sand slipped through my grasps,

And soon,

I was submerged.




Inviting Darkness like an old friend,

With arms opened wide as I sank.

The coldness embraced me,

Pressed against me,

And then it swallowed me whole.




Falling, I went


Into endless pit of sorrow



Escape, I failed



Clawing at the water desperately,

Desperate for air;

I kept sinking.




Alone was I




Looking up to see blurred faces

Of people I once knew.

None sticking out their hands.




I’m still alone.




Close my eyes,

And slowly my body falls limp.

Tired, I intend to give up.




Falling, I dissolve into the darkness,

And it claims me for its own.















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