We had it last spring

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Its the story of a relationship between a boy and a girl.

Submitted: October 19, 2011

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Submitted: October 19, 2011




We had it last spring


School is over and everyone is rushing out just to go to their house, play or maybe they have lessons. But there might be the exception like me, who rush out to the door just to get the best seat for self-study time afterschool. I never thought I could run this fast in my life. I ran quickly to move to the library. When I was just about to go down the stairs, as usual, my girlfriend, Michaela Barker pops up right behind the corner and stopped me.

“ Kevin!”

 She shouted. I would be smiling right now because she is my girlfriend and I love her but now, what a bad timing. She grabbed my wrist with both hands and smiled and seems to be happy to find me.

“I have something to tell you, Kevin”

 Okay, I got that. She wants to talk to me but seriously, I have to go now but she doesn’t want to let me go. Now what, the seat are probably gone now.


 I might sound really irritated or annoyed but she has to understand it because the good seat are gone that I have to sit right in front of the teacher. But I should have been nice to her if I noticed what she was trying to say to me.

“I cannot date you anymore, I might be gone in a year maybe a month.”

 She says it quietly with a full of smile on her face. I wonder how she can say such words like that with a smile on her face. I cannot believe what she just had said. There was no one in the corridor except Michaela and me. There was a silence in the corridor for about few minutes. I was mumbling and trying to say something but my voice did not come out of my mouth. When I finally got my words and tried to say, she ran pass me with the one word left.

“Sorry, Kevin.”

This was the last time I saw her and I heard her voice. For about a month later, I got a call from Michaela’s best friend.

“Kevin! Come to the Ajou Hospital!”


“Michaela is here and it’s the time to let her go!”

 She cries and shouts at me that my ear is just about to become deaf. Wait, Michaela? She is in the Hospital? It’s the time to let her go? Where? Before I say a word again, I jump out from my chair and ran to Ajou Hospital. It might have taken me 20minutes to go there, which I had to take taxi but now, I don’t care, and I’m running.

“Kevin, Here!”

 I saw her best friend shouting at me and I ran to her. Soon as I arrived, I found Michaela lying on the bed with pail face. Everyone, probably Michaela’s friends and parents, they left the room just for me. I stood there and just watched her instead of crying because I know she is not going to leave us.

‘Ppibibibibi – ppibibibibi’

There was only the sound of the machine that tells me Michaela is still with me. I should have caught that her breast is not going up and down.

"Hey, Michaela. You're going to love me even you are gone? I know we will still love each other even though we are living too far away. Well, you were the best girl I never met and I will love you forever that I will never going to forget you. Your body is not next to me but you are always in my heart that I will remember you until I go to you.”

Only person’s love was a memory

that this love sometimes can hurt you

but still, we call it, Love.

A short article that can explain everything, but then our love is like ... that seemed to have a splinter.

This is the end of the story of Kevin and Michaela’s hurtful love. I just want to tell you one thing before you close this story.

If you love someone, love him or her as much as you can before you regret. I can strongly say this, that it is good to be happy and love someone.

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