The Siren - A Short Story

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Sometimes it's real. Sometimes it's all in your mind. But when the siren calls, there's no going back.

Submitted: July 31, 2012

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Submitted: July 31, 2012



The Siren

‘Look at them. Just look. See what they’re doing?’ Her voice sounded condescending. ‘Their heads jerk forward with each step, even more so to pick up the bread. Quite beautiful when you think about it. So why do people hate them so much?’ Without warning the pigeons scattered as one. I could barely even hear her as she spoke. ‘That’s a shame, I liked watching them.’ Her voice this time was disheartened. I just sat there as she watched the birds. All I could see was her perfect face, her perfect figure. I should feel blessed, to be in her presence given the circumstances, but I don’t. All I feel is confused, and to make things even more confusing, I don’t even know why. ‘What are you thinking about?’ she asks. I look down at the pavement, and then back up again. I squint to shield my eyes from the setting sun. The beautiful shades of orange, red, and purple reflect off the windows around us and shine against our clothes, but as beautiful as this sight may be, it cannot even hope to compare to the sheer magnificence of this girl. ‘You can talk to me you know...’ She holds my arm and lays her head on my shoulder as we watch the sun set in front of us. The tips of her short black hair brush against my face in the light breeze as she gently strokes my bare forearm with her thumb.

She stands up and moves in front of me, facing me, looking down as she flicks her fringe away from her face. Her icy-blue eyes stare at me, almost as though they can see straight through into my mind. She kneels down and places her warm hands on my legs, still staring up at me. ‘Come on, let’s go. There’s something I want to show you.’ Her tender voice is still so beautiful to me, almost soothing, but sly and devious at the same time. I stand as she turns and walks away, and I hesitantly follow. After barely a few minutes she stops, and looks up at the high-rise in front of us. I stand next to her, and she grabs my wrist, gesturing again for me to follow her. I do so, and we walk through the glistening glass doors and through the lobby before waiting at the entrance to the stairwell. She looks at me with those amazing deep-set eyes. Her high arching eyebrows seem to give the impression of interest, but the sharp downward slant only serves to highlight her mischievous side. Her nose and mouth blend perfectly with the rest of her facial features, having the slightest point just below the pinched bridge of her nose, and her luscious pink lips curve up to one side as she smirks with her playful smile. With her tongue she lightly adjusts her piercing, the ring around the left of her lip wiggling as she pushes it into perfection. Her jet black hair covers her forehead, barely reaching her shoulders. She sharply flicks her fringe again as it drifts softly over her eyes before turning around again, looking at the door ahead of us.

‘So, what are you waiting for? It’s right up there,’ she says, ‘all you have to do is open the door and walk up.’ I do this, and step forward into the stairwell. I arch my neck and look straight up, all the way to the roof. I look back at her and her intense expression urges me forward. I take the first step up the stairs, and continue up story after story. I can hear the quiet clack of her flats as she trails directly behind, the inside of her jeans barely rubbing against each other with every step she takes. I reach the top, as high as I can, and stare at the door in front. She moves over to it with her measured attitude and stands off to the side of it, leaning against the wall as she looks back at me. Her teasing and mischievous expression by now has changed to a solemn look of genuine thought and concern, but in a way that she still wishes me to continue. I open the final door ahead of me and a strong gust of cool wind forces me to take a step back before again moving forward. She follows me through the door before it slams shut behind us with a harsh bang. As we stand on the roof the cold air stings slightly against my skin and the hairs on my arms prick up with goosebumps. I gingerly take slow step after slow step forward before reaching the edge of the building, and lean forward to look all the way down to the ground below. Without warning she grabs my wrist and whispers. ‘Is this what you want?’ she says softly into my ear. She knows it is. I turn and look at her and touch her myself for the first time, looking at her gorgeous features as I grasp her warm hands. We both step up to the ledge in unison and face forward.

She moves first. In a swift graceful movement, she steps in front of me, her heels hanging over the edge. I hold her around the waist as she rests her head against my chest. ‘I can feel your heartbeat you know. It’s very slow for this situation.’ She leans back and our eyes meet, and as one we fall together towards the pavement on the ground. The wind is blowing through my hair, over my shirt. I slowly let go of her waist as we plummet to the ground, and she disappears, vanishing right before my eyes. My last thought exits my head and all I can feel is the wind billowing around my body as a fall faster and faster. I hit the ground with a thud, and lie there motionless as people run and scream around me, terrified at what has happened. The loudsiren of the nearby ambulance echoes around me, filling my eardrums.It doesn’t bother me though. It’s all over now.

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