Bitchbags and Whorecards

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A short convo between my three best friends and I.

Yumm Noodles has entered the room. (9:45:38 PM)
Lolaelvis09 has entered the room. (9:45:38 PM)
kaytakespills has entered the room. (9:45:38 PM)
Yumm Noodles (9:45:45 PM): damnit
kaytakespills (9:45:45 PM): oh god she's in here
Yumm Noodles (9:45:50 PM): i kno...
kaytakespills (9:46:00 PM): lets through beanie babies at her
Yumm Noodles (9:46:08 PM): were not old uet
Yumm Noodles (9:46:13 PM): i told her were going to play
Yumm Noodles (9:46:16 PM): so let's play
kaytakespills (9:46:27 PM): who wants to be a millionaire?
Lolaelvis09 (9:46:28 PM): oo
Lolaelvis09 (9:46:29 PM): I DO
Yumm Noodles (9:46:35 PM): no
Yumm Noodles (9:46:38 PM): no no you don't
Yumm Noodles (9:46:41 PM): were playing
Yumm Noodles (9:46:44 PM): uno
Yumm Noodles (9:46:46 PM): i win
BubbleButtRG has entered the room. (9:47:09 PM)
kaytakespills (9:47:15 PM): omg
Yumm Noodles (9:47:16 PM): there now
kaytakespills (9:47:16 PM): why
Yumm Noodles (9:47:28 PM): everyones here
Yumm Noodles (9:47:39 PM): so let's play
BubbleButtRG (9:47:40 PM): huh?
BubbleButtRG (9:47:46 PM): play what?
Yumm Noodles (9:47:59 PM): kelsey stop questioning~!
kaytakespills (9:47:59 PM): a game
Yumm Noodles (9:48:04 PM): haha u loose
kaytakespills (9:48:14 PM): fuck in a
Yumm Noodles (9:48:19 PM): it's okay i lost too
kaytakespills (9:48:23 PM): haha i kno
kaytakespills (9:48:28 PM): that game is flawed
BubbleButtRG (9:48:30 PM): ?
Lolaelvis09 (9:48:32 PM): lame
Yumm Noodles (9:48:35 PM): ?
Lolaelvis09 (9:48:38 PM): ahhh
Yumm Noodles (9:48:40 PM): you never heard of the game
Lolaelvis09 (9:48:41 PM): fuck shit damsjyhhsfyh
Yumm Noodles (9:48:47 PM): sorry for those who knows
Yumm Noodles (9:48:49 PM): oooo
kaytakespills (9:48:55 PM): cum guzzling thunder cunt
kaytakespills (9:48:56 PM): i win
BubbleButtRG (9:48:56 PM): I'm lost
Yumm Noodles (9:49:04 PM): bitch lovin tits
Yumm Noodles (9:49:05 PM): ?
kaytakespills (9:49:09 PM): no
Yumm Noodles (9:49:12 PM): damn
kaytakespills (9:49:15 PM): its ok
kaytakespills (9:49:17 PM): maybe next time
Yumm Noodles (9:49:20 PM): alright
BubbleButtRG (9:49:24 PM): why not now?
Yumm Noodles (9:49:27 PM): what game are you playing ash?
Yumm Noodles (9:49:33 PM): it's never now
Lolaelvis09 (9:49:35 PM): freaking out!
Yumm Noodles (9:49:41 PM): i don't like tht game
kaytakespills (9:49:41 PM): read to her kelsey
BubbleButtRG (9:49:52 PM): Hahha
Yumm Noodles (9:49:52 PM): haha she's not having an asthma attack
BubbleButtRG (9:49:55 PM): =)
Lolaelvis09 (9:49:58 PM): omg!
Yumm Noodles (9:50:09 PM): kelsey ur a looser only b/c u dunt live on our street
Lolaelvis09 (9:50:11 PM): kels knows~
Lolaelvis09 (9:50:13 PM): fuck dam
Yumm Noodles (9:50:17 PM): shit bitch
kaytakespills (9:50:21 PM): haha
Yumm Noodles (9:50:29 PM): so tht's minus 10 points for you
kaytakespills (9:50:34 PM): nooo
BubbleButtRG (9:50:38 PM): Whore?
kaytakespills (9:50:42 PM): i won't stand for this injuctice
BubbleButtRG (9:50:45 PM): APPLES!!!
Yumm Noodles (9:50:46 PM): whore card indeed
kaytakespills (9:50:46 PM): lil late there kelsey
kaytakespills (9:50:49 PM): haha
kaytakespills (9:50:54 PM): ballls on your chin
Yumm Noodles (9:50:56 PM): heyyy heyyy don't bring apples into this
Yumm Noodles (9:51:05 PM): apparently they make you loose ur friends
BubbleButtRG (9:51:09 PM): But they should be brought into everything!!
Yumm Noodles (9:51:11 PM): FEET ON UR CROTCH@
kaytakespills (9:51:21 PM): no
BubbleButtRG (9:51:24 PM): Elbows on your eyye lids!!
Yumm Noodles (9:51:26 PM): yes you can do tht
Yumm Noodles (9:51:36 PM): unforantly kelsey i just tried tht
BubbleButtRG (9:51:41 PM): hahahaa
kaytakespills (9:51:43 PM): me 2
Yumm Noodles (9:51:46 PM): haha
kaytakespills (9:51:49 PM): im ashamed of myself now
Yumm Noodles (9:51:52 PM): me2
BubbleButtRG (9:51:58 PM): Good, you should be!
Yumm Noodles (9:52:00 PM): i hurt my ass today
kaytakespills (9:52:08 PM): stop having anal sex nat
kaytakespills (9:52:12 PM): that book was rite
Yumm Noodles (9:52:13 PM): can't help it
kaytakespills (9:52:16 PM): haha
BubbleButtRG (9:52:21 PM): ghahaha
kaytakespills (9:52:23 PM): i gave up anal masturbaton
BubbleButtRG (9:52:27 PM): HAHA
kaytakespills (9:52:30 PM): im on to bigger and better things
kaytakespills (9:52:36 PM): ear masturabtion for one
Yumm Noodles (9:52:37 PM): kelsey needs to read tht book
Yumm Noodles (9:52:48 PM): i was thinking nose batin'
kaytakespills (9:52:54 PM): huh?>
kaytakespills (9:53:02 PM): ohhh
Yumm Noodles (9:53:04 PM): nose masterbaton
kaytakespills (9:53:06 PM): i was like wtf is batin
Yumm Noodles (9:53:10 PM): BATIN!
Lolaelvis09 (9:53:10 PM): dam
BubbleButtRG (9:53:17 PM): damn indeed
Yumm Noodles (9:53:17 PM): dooo the dirty with ur self!
BubbleButtRG (9:53:29 PM): All nithgt long!
Yumm Noodles (9:53:41 PM): whoa...if that's how u like it
kaytakespills (9:53:42 PM): its not working
BubbleButtRG (9:54:01 PM): I don't
Yumm Noodles (9:54:10 PM): denise smith was picking her nose today and she had gloves on and the dumb bitch got her glove stuck to her nose ring
kaytakespills (9:54:10 PM): i lvoe the non responses to that
Lolaelvis09 (9:54:15 PM): fuck sick roomates!
kaytakespills (9:54:16 PM): no lol
kaytakespills (9:54:18 PM): i love that
kaytakespills (9:54:19 PM): lmao
BubbleButtRG (9:54:32 PM): =)
Yumm Noodles (9:54:33 PM): ur love sick roomates?
kaytakespills (9:54:56 PM): love sick stomach ache
BubbleButtRG (9:55:07 PM): =0
Lolaelvis09 (9:55:16 PM): no
Yumm Noodles (9:55:20 PM): ;o
Lolaelvis09 (9:55:20 PM): not my roomate
Lolaelvis09 (9:55:21 PM): his
kaytakespills (9:55:25 PM): this convo is dull know
kaytakespills (9:55:31 PM): yo uhave a roomate?
Lolaelvis09 (9:55:33 PM): no
Lolaelvis09 (9:55:37 PM): his roomate
kaytakespills (9:55:44 PM): who;s
Yumm Noodles (9:55:44 PM): who his?
Yumm Noodles (9:55:50 PM): his katie!
Lolaelvis09 (9:56:00 PM): his ada,m
kaytakespills (9:56:00 PM): that is no
Lolaelvis09 (9:56:02 PM): adam*
kaytakespills (9:56:04 PM): adam
Yumm Noodles (9:56:09 PM): is "his" adam?
kaytakespills (9:56:15 PM): ew he's gay
Lolaelvis09 (9:56:18 PM): no
BubbleButtRG (9:56:18 PM): OMG!@!!!!
Lolaelvis09 (9:56:24 PM): wat kels?
Yumm Noodles (9:56:30 PM): so adam's room mate?
Lolaelvis09 (9:56:39 PM): yea he is sick =[
kaytakespills (9:56:39 PM): so adam?
Lolaelvis09 (9:56:45 PM): which SUCKS!
BubbleButtRG (9:56:46 PM): Damn that roommate
Lolaelvis09 (9:56:53 PM): the one i liked at the one football game =]
Yumm Noodles (9:56:58 PM): so your mad b/c adam's room mate is sick
Lolaelvis09 (9:57:01 PM): YES
kaytakespills (9:57:03 PM): you wouldn't show me
Yumm Noodles (9:57:07 PM): alright
Lolaelvis09 (9:57:08 PM): i know
Lolaelvis09 (9:57:09 PM): ;p;
Lolaelvis09 (9:57:10 PM): lol
Yumm Noodles (9:57:11 PM): or me
Lolaelvis09 (9:57:20 PM): its cause adam had to help him so now he cant talk to me!
BubbleButtRG (9:57:28 PM): =(
Yumm Noodles (9:57:28 PM): ....
Yumm Noodles (9:57:33 PM): the sick and needy forst
Yumm Noodles (9:57:34 PM): first
BubbleButtRG (9:57:37 PM): brb
Yumm Noodles (9:57:39 PM): no
Lolaelvis09 (9:57:39 PM): i know
Yumm Noodles (9:57:42 PM): lol
Yumm Noodles (9:57:47 PM): don't be mad about tht ashie
kaytakespills (9:57:49 PM): then katie first
Yumm Noodles (9:57:53 PM): no
Lolaelvis09 (9:57:54 PM): o im not
Lolaelvis09 (9:58:02 PM): i just need to talk to him really bad!
kaytakespills (9:58:09 PM): but im sick and god knows im needy
Yumm Noodles (9:58:11 PM): tht makes a difeferenence
kaytakespills (9:58:14 PM): why
Lolaelvis09 (9:58:16 PM): yea lol
Yumm Noodles (9:58:20 PM): needy in many ways
kaytakespills (9:58:31 PM): well since you dont
kaytakespills (9:58:32 PM): nvm
kaytakespills (9:58:37 PM): that would have gone too far
Yumm Noodles (9:58:39 PM): don't even go there
Yumm Noodles (9:58:42 PM): much
kaytakespills (9:58:42 PM): im not
kaytakespills (9:58:46 PM): donnie
kaytakespills (9:58:51 PM): mrs. vantil
Yumm Noodles (9:58:52 PM): did u up the ass?
Yumm Noodles (9:58:53 PM): nvm
kaytakespills (9:59:00 PM): talk about going to far
kaytakespills (9:59:04 PM): no me and you
Yumm Noodles (9:59:05 PM): u wanted it
kaytakespills (9:59:09 PM): mrs. vantil's room, donnie
Yumm Noodles (9:59:11 PM): being lesbo
kaytakespills (9:59:12 PM): lesbo
kaytakespills (9:59:14 PM): yepp

Submitted: November 18, 2008

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