Eve's Journal

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A young girl wakes up to find herself in a strangely fimilar territory which she has never been before. Each day is new, for she has lost the ability to remember. So she begins to write in a diary. Unable to leave, she tries to cope with her new utopian hell. But when she discovers that she is not alone, she strives for answers, but does she want to know what she wants to know?

The room was silent, telling no secrets of which it held; trapping time forever inside its walls. An era frozen, oblivious to the outside world, all the while keeping people like me wondering why out surroundings never evolved; a place where the leaves never fall from the tall oak trees, where snow never blankets the hardened earth. I live in a place where animals need not feed off one another, yet live in peace and harmony; and I too do not kill to live, yet I eat fruit from the tree that is always plentiful. The tree that gives me life, where as its brother brings upon the end. Sometimes I wish to eat from the forsaken tree, and it is at these times I remember. I remember things I cannot explain, mostly of my old life, the life I had before I was brought here. Oh, how I miss my mother, how I want to die again and be with her. So I go, reach out and take the fruit of death, but no longer is it there. I am being punished, I cannot cry, nor can I be upset. No, instead I do only what I can, what I now believe I was made to do…nothing…
I can see into the future, but cannot look upon the past. I know what tomorrow will bring, but cannot remember yesterday. I wake up and know that I am lost; I also know that I cannot be found. I know what tree brings life and which brings death. I know the land as if I had been there many a times before, but I do not know how to leave. I know I was brought here, but by whom I not know. I feel very frightened, but I don’t know what of. I know that I once had people called family, but I do not remember their names…
I want to cry for help, but who would hear my screams. The flowers no longer keep me company for I am ever changing and they stay beautiful and young; bloomed at their fullest, as if waiting for something of a great importance. They shall wait for all eternity though, for nothing is coming, and nothing is going. I know this now, and although I do not like the idea, I have to accept it. Accept that I probably will never escape this utopian hell until I die. If I die…oh dear Lord I hope I die. Suicide is not an option, for I have tried and failed too many times. Each time keeping my eyes closed and praying to the God I once loved as I slowly bring my makeshift weapon across my neck, and every time I wake up, healthy as can be. What did I do to deserve this? What evil magic is at work here? What sick twisted humor do is at hand, who is doing this to me? Am I merely their entertainment...?
Life is unfair, if you can call what I do living. Everyday I arise and eat until my stomach’s delight. I talk to the animals for they hold the better conversations, telling tales of how they came to be, and I listen to them, they sing a sad song. Yet I have found a happy tune amongst the dreadful, today….
As I reread my entries I look upon my last and notice I did not finish. I cannot remember what I was thinking, but I wonder if it was important. I have also noticed a small lump on the back of my head, which I do not believe was there yesterday, although I can not be sure. I am led to believe however, that I may have found an exit, but was sabotaged before I could record my findings. This, of course, leads me to my next hunch, that I am not alone here. That there must be other beings amongst me, watching my every move, making sure I do not leave. I shall find these creatures and destroy them, if that is possible. Just because I am unable to kill myself, I have yet to try and kill another being. This is a dilemma for me, for how could I kill something that has done me no harm…?
Everything is black; therefore I do not know where I am. The darkness overwhelms me, making me dizzy and tired. I do not welcome sleep nor do I reject it. I just lie here half awake, admiring the beauty of this life. I feel my eyes close and my brain shut off…
I woke covered with sweat; the nightmare consuming my every thought. I saw this man in my dreams. He did not wear skin like I do, peach and smooth; for he wore a green I’d not seen before. His face, the terror it brought, this creature had no mouth. In place was a white abyss waiting to be fed. He held weapons, [not stone knives like I have, but shinny silver objects,] in each hand, and a bright light shone upon him. He was standing over me, for I was lying down in bed of white cotton, asleep and unaware of the demon ready to attack…and then I woke up…what is happening to me…?!

Submitted: August 03, 2008

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Pretty intense.

Thu, September 1st, 2022 12:43pm

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