Introducing...The Penis!

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An AIM conversation between me and my baby Scotty. We both are being overly sarcastic :D

p.s. my real name is Katie, Lindsy Clapp is only my pen name hehe

cowykillr and what kinda pills do you take?
cowykillr  just perscribed ones?
Kaytakespills haha its taken you this long to ask hun? wow
cowykillr to you? or other people?
cowykillr yes a long time indeed
Kaytakespills  no i do
Kaytakespills  a lot
Kaytakespills riddlin
Kaytakespills  prozac
Kaytakespills and a shit load of supplements and viatimins for the lupus
cowykillr (8:54:21 PM): well thats exciting
cowykillr (8:54:52 PM): riddlin huh?  i thought they were phasing that out and using that other one...shit cant remember
Kaytakespills (8:55:04 PM): nope i take that
cowykillr (8:55:05 PM): adderol
Kaytakespills (8:55:10 PM): or is it adderol XR
Kaytakespills (8:55:13 PM): i think its the latter
Kaytakespills (8:55:14 PM): ya
cowykillr (8:55:48 PM): ive had that before...unfortunately it was x2 the dose and my heart was beating 120+ beats a min for 4 hrs
cowykillr (8:56:10 PM): needless to say i didnt sleep that night
Kaytakespills (8:56:28 PM): im sorry
Kaytakespills (8:56:43 PM): my body has gotten so accustumed [wow i can't spell]
cowykillr (8:57:06 PM): well lets take your body for a ride...try some scotty  :P
Kaytakespills (8:57:15 PM): hmm some scotty
Kaytakespills (8:57:20 PM): what does that do?
cowykillr (8:58:08 PM): stops you from peeing...raises heart rate...makes you laugh/smile/scream...side effects are dependancy/need for more
Kaytakespills (8:58:30 PM): mmm...i do have a weak bladder....
cowykillr (8:58:39 PM): well there ya go
cowykillr (8:58:52 PM): it comes with an applicator too
Kaytakespills (8:59:01 PM): does it need to be perscribed, or can i get it ove r the counter??
Kaytakespills (8:59:38 PM): an applicator? does it hurt? or smooth glide?
cowykillr (9:00:00 PM): smoothe glide...the user was taken into consideration when it was made
cowykillr (9:00:14 PM): you gotta call me and i'll give you it
cowykillr (9:00:30 PM): you can take it on the counter if you want though
Kaytakespills (9:00:56 PM): ah ha...well does it cost anything?
cowykillr (9:01:35 PM): of charge
cowykillr (9:01:46 PM): you call, i cum night or day
Kaytakespills (9:01:51 PM): hmmm.....haha
Kaytakespills (9:01:57 PM): llol
cowykillr (9:02:32 PM): tempting, no?
Kaytakespills (9:02:37 PM): quite
Kaytakespills (9:02:49 PM): although, its not dangerous, is it?
cowykillr (9:03:31 PM): no...sometimes if you decide to take the applicator orally, there's a slight choking hazard...but some people find that appealing for some reason
Kaytakespills (9:03:49 PM): do you not find that appealing?
cowykillr (9:04:24 PM): i dont like choking
cowykillr (9:04:24 PM): lol
cowykillr (9:04:31 PM): i dont mind causing it though
Kaytakespills (9:04:48 PM): of course, plus you won't take it orally would you? or is scotty just for women?
cowykillr (9:05:10 PM): just for women, always has been and always will be
Kaytakespills (9:05:29 PM): i think thats all the questions i need to ask
Kaytakespills (9:05:31 PM): oh wait
cowykillr (9:05:45 PM): yes?
Kaytakespills (9:05:51 PM): the applicator is clean right?
Kaytakespills (9:05:55 PM): sterlized?
cowykillr (9:06:05 PM): absolutely, you have nothing to worry about
Kaytakespills (9:06:13 PM): can i sue?
cowykillr (9:06:46 PM): if you dont think its clean, you can take me to the shower and i'll let you clean it and then take it in the shower
cowykillr (9:07:07 PM): you can sue for more of the, satisfaction is guaraunteed
Kaytakespills (9:07:27 PM): what happens if i am...dissatified?
cowykillr (9:08:00 PM): you wont be...i guarantee it...i'll make it up to you though if you arent satisfied
cowykillr (9:08:09 PM): ill give you some sex or something crazy like that
Kaytakespills (9:08:32 PM): sex?! what kind of girl do you take me for?
cowykillr (9:08:46 PM): thats whay i added something crazy like that
Kaytakespills (9:08:59 PM): now does the aplicator come in different sizes or is it one size might fit all?
cowykillr (9:09:24 PM): it will fit all...maybe a tight fit, but the tighter the better
Kaytakespills (9:09:57 PM): call me nutters, but i have a strange feeling you arn't talking about medication anymore...
cowykillr (9:10:45 PM): you are definately nutters
cowykillr (9:10:53 PM): what else could i possibly be talking about
Kaytakespills (9:11:15 PM): i don't know...doc...i thought you meant a cock or something.
Kaytakespills (9:11:20 PM): my bad
cowykillr (9:11:40 PM): pshh
cowykillr (9:11:45 PM): what a coincidence
cowykillr (9:11:51 PM): thats what i call the applicator
Kaytakespills (9:12:06 PM): huh? thats not a coincidence then
Kaytakespills (9:12:18 PM): doctor scotty i think you are trying to sell me sex
cowykillr (9:12:26 PM): i would never, im not a manwhore
cowykillr (9:12:28 PM): its free
cowykillr (9:12:44 PM): whores accept money :P
Kaytakespills (9:12:48 PM): i see...
Kaytakespills (9:12:59 PM): so you admit that you are offering me sex then
cowykillr (9:13:06 PM): but remember...satisfaction garaunteed...just remember that
Kaytakespills (9:13:16 PM): i can have your liscene suspended for that you know
cowykillr (9:13:20 PM): well, scotty is sometimes called sex, so yes
cowykillr (9:13:35 PM): would you like some sex/scotty?
Kaytakespills (9:13:41 PM): you know what
Kaytakespills (9:13:43 PM): i just might
Kaytakespills (9:13:45 PM): you know
Kaytakespills (9:13:46 PM): try it
cowykillr (9:14:11 PM): perfect, i'll arrange it with you as soon as i get home
Kaytakespills (9:14:52 PM): stellar! could i uh maybe get the 30 day trial pack?
cowykillr (9:15:27 PM): sure thing katie...anything you want

Submitted: August 04, 2008

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Uhhh...What the hell is this... I'm so confused...This made me have a good laugh!

Tue, August 5th, 2008 9:21pm


hehe yea i know, we were pretending [since i take alot of meds] that scotty was a drug but actually sex lol its weird :D

Thu, August 7th, 2008 7:33am


*Laughs his ass off* Dear lord that's too damn funny! Oh my... I don't even completely understand why that's hilarious to me. 'Praps I'm just a lonely man laughing with you two. Hope you both have lots of love. And enjoy that trial pack, I hear when the 30-days are up, it ends up that they practically beg you to take the product! =P

Fri, August 15th, 2008 9:20am


haha i am so telling scotty your comment, he'll laugh :D

Thu, August 21st, 2008 12:47pm


Man, that's some good word playing there. XD

Fri, August 15th, 2008 5:06pm


hehe yea, we act like lil kids.

Thu, August 21st, 2008 12:45pm


DOT DOT QUESTION MARK!!!! that is hilarious!!!

Tue, October 28th, 2008 3:54am


to bad i hope that guy rots in hell :D

Tue, October 28th, 2008 5:49am

chante baxer


Mon, December 1st, 2008 1:21am


haha i did the same thing, when i go ahahaha thats when i realized he was talking about sex

Sun, November 30th, 2008 6:06pm

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