Secret Stash of Insecurites

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A marriage gone sour, a woman crying, people gazing at her like she was some sort of freak show, but she doesn't care.

Faces haunt my dreams
I see them every time I close my eyes
drifting deep into oblivion
where thoughts are lost
gone forever in the blue void

Chriping songs of me and you
just smoke and mirrors
our relationship.

Sorrow is the rust on the front porch
after a long nite of hot tears
my vision's blurred
but faces they're still there
clear as thediamond on my finger.

I see them when i close my eyes
open up my mind
closed it off to you
never come through
just like you do.

Emotions choke my throat
like hands of a strong man
eyes water, like Niagra Falls
bringing tourists to stop and stare
snap goes the camera's flash
insecurites, I've got a secret stash,
my facade I proudly wear.

Submitted: November 26, 2008

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