Late For The Meeting

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Late For The Meeting is about a common worker, Mr. Fisher, who finds himself in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

Submitted: March 11, 2014

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Submitted: March 11, 2014



Late For The Meeting

I rolled over in my bed, to face my nightstand. I felt around for my glasses, my eyes still closed. My hand touched something cold, and I nudged it. I heard a smash, and felt a drip of something, splash on my face. "Ah, crap!" I exclaimed. I grabbed the only other thing on the table, apart from my clock. My glasses. I quickly put them on, and looked down at the floor. My glass of water has smashed. "Ugh..." I moaned, and then fell back into bed. Wait a minute, I thought to myself. I looked at my clock. 9:30am, it read. "Damn! I'm late!" I shouted.

I got up, stepping in the puddle and glass, I felt the glass cut my feet, and I winced at the pain, but kept going. I got to my wardrobe, and pulled out my work clothes, a grey suit, with a black and silver striped tie, and a black shirt. I threw them on the bed, my best efforts to keep them tidy, and got a pair of boxer shorts and socks from my drawer, and put them on. I put on my suit, and ran to the bathroom.

I pushed the bathroom door open, and started running the tap, grabbing my toothbrush in my right hand, and toothpaste in my left. I prepared my toothbrush, and began brushing my teeth, for about thirty seconds. I spat the toothpaste out, and quickly rinsed my brush before throwing it in the sink. I sprayed myself with deodorant, and headed downstairs.

This was where I was really glad I had my stuff ready the night before. I put my black, polished shoes on and grabbed my briefcase. I headed to the door, and opened it, locking it behind me. I unlocked my BMW using my wireless toggle on my keys. I opened the passenger door, and placed my briefcase in the foot-space. Then closed the door, and rushed to the driver side.

I opened the door, got in, and started the car. I pulled out of the drive way, onto the road, and headed off.

When I arrived at my work, I quickly grabbed my case, and exited the car, making sure it was locked. I walked as fast as I could, without breaking into a run, to the main entrance, and headed inside.

One of the building receptionists Miss Blair or just, Ashley was at the front desk, and noticed me enter. "You're late," she told me, as if I didn't realize. "I know, Miss Blair, I'm heading up now," I told her, with a half panic, half kind smile. "Alright, I'll check you in," she told me, typing on the computer, checking her nails at the same time.

I got to the elevator, and pressed the call button, checking my watch, and noticing I was really running late now. I stood there for a few moments, that felt like hours, and eventually the elevator doors opened, revealing the silver metallic inside, with the white luminous ceiling lights, and the mirror that took up the whole back wall. I stepped inside, greeted by the cheesy, classical elevator music that always played on a loop. I pressed the button for floor five, and watched the doors close.

When they opened, I stepped out to be greeted by my Boss's PA, Mr Bradford. He looked at me, then at his watch, and shook his head, waving me into my Boss's office. I walked inside, to be greeted by my boss, Mr. Argent.

He was sitting down, faced away from the room, looking outside his office window. "H-Hello sir," I said. He turned around, and looked at me, then at his clock on the desk. "You're late, Fisher," he stated. "I know sir, I'm very sorry. The traffic today was terrible," I said. "Very well, take a seat," he uttered, so I did.

He began to explain how I've been performing in the workplace, and my progress in the team. I focused on what he was saying, and understood most of it. He then stood up, and walked over to his window, and proceeded to tell me "The world is a big place, Fisher. I takes a little getting used to. But once you know how, you can become very..." and then, the window shattered, and I heard a loud roaring noise, Mr. Argent fell, and blood was sprayed over the wall, door, and floor. I panicked, and dropped to the floor.

I saw his head under the desk, or at least, what was left of it. I looked the other way to see a security guard run in, and assess the situation. He saw Mr. Argent, the window, and me. "Get up, now!" he called to me. I struggled, but got up. He beckoned me to the door, and I followed. I was heading out the door, and I heard it again, the roaring, screaming of the gunfire.

I fell, it was almost like I was pushed, or even flung. I hit against a desk, and smashed my head off the computer monitor, knocking a cup of coffee off the desk on my way down. I was lying there, everything was blurred. I looked from side to side. I saw someone, another colleague, I didn't recognize them. I was beginning to feel light-headed, and the pain came flooding into action. My chest. I looked down, and I saw blood, pouring from my body. My head fell to the side, and all I saw was blood and coffee. Then nothing.

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