Wings of Prey

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Historical Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
Wings of Prey is set in WW1, and is about a Avro 504 pilot, who finds himself in the seat of his plane, amid the heat of war.

Submitted: March 10, 2014

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Submitted: March 10, 2014



Wings of prey

The canteen, our new home,
The dying fire, the outdated newspapers,
Relaxing in an armchair, waiting,
Waiting for something, and we know it,
Then... It happened,

The loud metallic ringing of the wall-mounted bell
The sudden rush of activity in the room,
Grabbed by the arm, out of my chair,
Pulled to the door, and pushed outside,
I knew, I had to be quick.

I ran to my plane, my Avro 504,
I climbed up on the wing, and into the cockpit,
I turned on the engine, and began to move forward,
I didn't know where I would end up,

I lined my plane up on the runway,
I slowly moved the throttle up,
Eventually, I pull back on the stick,
I feel the air rush around me,

Before I knew it, I look around me,
There are planes, but not that of my allies,
I hear a loud snapping noise, like metal,
My plane jerks to the side, and begins dipping,

I look up, at the swarm of planes,
They fade into the clouds,
I hear the screaming of my plane,
Dropping into a dive,
And I look down, see the trees,
So close.

For the first time,
I feel a rush of fear,
The truth hits me,
I close my eyes,
For the last time,

"Father, look!" I hear,
I am home, this is my home,
I have a child, and he is gazing out the window,
I stand behind him, and look out also,
I see the trail of black smoke,
Then, a crash, an explosion,
My vision fades into gray,
And then fades away...

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