Nail biting

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Here's why nail biting is bad!!

Submitted: August 11, 2012

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Submitted: August 11, 2012






Nail biting is the habit of biting your fingernails (or even your toenails!). It's most common among kids and teens, and it's also more common in boys than girls. People can bite their nails because they're nervous, hungry or bored.

Biting your nails can rip and tear your nails and the skin around your nails, causing bleeding, infections and a lot of pain!  Not only that, but there are also lots of germs living underneath your nails. If you're biting down on your nails, these germs can enter your mouth and you could get sick. It also damages your front teeth.

Like many habits, it's not easy to quit biting your nails. But here are a few suggestions that may help you break the habit.

1. Eat foods rich in calcium and magnesium to help repair your nails and make them grow.

2. Distract your mouth. Chew gum, suck on a lollipop.

3. Distract your hands. Take up a hobby like playing video games, drumming, knitting, or painting.

4. Cover your nails. Wear gloves, tape the ends of your fingers, rub on petroleum jelly or wear fake nails.

5. Apply a special nail polish that makes your nails taste gross!

6. Get regular manicures. If your nails look good, you may be less likely to bite them off.


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