the life of leo lank

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is a fiction story about a guy who gets into lots of trouble. This is a series of short stories.

I wouldn't say my life is very interesting. I just finished talking with my sister. We were talking about how we all wished we were something more than we are now. I have always wished to be a cop, but my mom always said its a really dangerous job and i will probably get killed. But I'm still planning on becoming a cop. I'm about to go over to my friends house. I hope he has something good to do since i say my life is quite boring.
"Leo, suppers ready"
"I'm not eating here today dad. I'm going over to josh's house to eat" i say guiltily
"Oh sorry i forgot you were going to josh's house and all"
The truth is I'm not going to anyone's house tonight. I'm going to run away forever.

10 years later

My destination, Corvallis Oregon. I have two more days of hitchhiking and walking before i reach my destination. I just (thankfully) got out of a car that smelled like dog pee and poo. I will tell you one thing, that car ride was the worst in my life. I usually get picked up by some old lady who makes me sit on plastic. Which is at least bearable.
I stick out my thumb and almost immediately someone pulls over to pick me up.
"Shouldn't you be in a house by now its nearly midnight"
"I don't have enough money to stay in a house" i said
"Hop in then, you can sleep in my guest house"
I was to tired to say no so i slid into the car and rolled down the window.
"My names carl. Yours?"
"Holy crap are you that kid from the billionaires house?" Said carl
"Not anymore I'm not" i said
"Wow, i barely have more than a dime and your parents are a billionaire" said carl
"Yep" i said
"What was it like being so rich?"
but by the time carl had said that i was already asleep.

Chapter 2

I woke up the next morning to find myself in a bed. 

Submitted: April 12, 2017

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