Nerd Avenger

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Burt Hamilstein is stuck in his fantasy dreams constantly. His somewhat friend Lacey Mcphert, considers herself more of an outsider to all. But Burt can't help his attraction to her, the only way he conjures up his courage is to pretend to be the knight of Lacey's unspoken dreams!

Submitted: October 19, 2011

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Submitted: October 19, 2011



It was do or die now, every nook and cranny would hear my roar. This lunch table is meant only for the queen and I. My eyes shifted like a lioness protecting her cubs as I munched on my lunch quietly at the school’s cafeteria. Stealth was everything here.
“Will you stop looking like a psycho, you’re only drawing more attention to yourself.” Lacey said as she bit into her sandwich. I couldn’t help but touch her cheek just then, she was pure beauty with her thick glasses and pimples. I loved how her eyebrows were slowly forming into one.
“Why did you just touch my cheek?” Lacey held that same look when she ate an eggplant. She would have the look of disgust, and I knew she was the only one who would pull it off to the perfect extent.
“In this light, you just look so stunning my queen.” I smiled for her.
“Burt, stop being creepy.” Lacey was always the one to put a damper on our love. But she did it with such elegance, that her squeaky voice always came out enchanting.
“Hey Lacey Mcfart,” A group of cheerleaders came over to our table.
“It’s Mcphert,” Lacey stood her ground like a cow about to be tipped. I sighed in astonishment.
“Whatever, you’re coming with us!”
“Hey don’t touch me!” Those cheerleaders had done it again. They dragged my poor lady out by her arms. But I know my Lacey, she would put up a fight for her life.
“Burt you useless piece of trash!” Lacey shouted for me before she was taken away. Burt please save me, that is what she wants me to do.
“I will avenge you my queen!”
“Oh don’t worry you will soon be reunited, Burt Hamilstink.” Yes, jocks! They will lead me to their motherland. I let these buff up gorillas drag me away to where my queen lay.
“And here we are, your humble abode.” These guards don’t know who they have just stricken. I stand up with the almighty spirit of a warrior.
“I am the knight, Burt Hamilstein, not stink! How dare you bring my fair maiden out here to a place smelling of old cheeses and rotten milk.” I presume the fighting stance.
“Get a load of this dweeb,” they begin to mock me. I will not stand for this! I ram into one of them, like a bull with horns seeing red for the first time.
“How do you like being hurt by the bull Brad?!” I shout in a voice that could cut like a hundred knives.
“Brad, I’m getting bored.” Cindy sighed.
“Alright in you go with your lover.” I knew training for this moment would pay off. Now the spirits are lifting me up, helping me to defeat the peasant.
“How do you like being thrown into the pit of despair Hamilstink?”
“Don’t run away thieves, fight me like a soldier!” I shouted but no one came back. Cowards! All of them!
“I really hate you Burt.” I turn my head and see my lovely lady.
“Don’t worry Lacey, I love you too.” I hug her with passion. The piercing scream she let out was like a beautiful symphony.


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