Remember My Love

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Gareth is about to be married to a woman he has no interest in, only set up by a worst turn of fate. But when he finds a real love again, he makes a choice that might upset everything his father had planned.

Submitted: October 19, 2011

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Submitted: October 19, 2011



He watched her for a long time, waiting for her desperately. Everything in his life seemed meaningless as he followed her slowly each day, trying to comprehend where she was going. He wanted to know how she was living. He would go to the ends of the earth to be with her.
“Gareth are you listening to me?” Gareth turned his head slowly to meet the woman in front of him. The woman he would soon be calling his wife.
“I’m sorry what did you say?” He asked. All he had on his mind was the girl with the dark hair and light brown eyes that lit the night skies.
“I swear, you still act like a child! Stop day dreaming, I asked you what color would be nice for the wedding. We need a theme…” Gareth drowned her out as she talked on. His mind was never set on getting married. The people who actually knew Gareth, would agree in a heartbeat. This wedding meant nothing to him if love wasn’t involved. It was only to combine his father’s company. And with nothing else he could do, he gave in to his father‘s orders and became engaged to Donna. Outside of the boutique, Gareth spotted the girl he had been following. The sight of seeing her made him jump out of his seat.
“Donna, I’m sorry but I need to be somewhere.” Gareth patted her shoulder.
“Um, alright just remember the dinner tonight at…” Before she could finish, he was already out the door.

Gareth crept around the alley walls, making sure he was out of sight. Without any sound, he was pulled out of the shadows and pushed against the wall with an arm.
“You are the one who follows me, why?” Gareth’s eyes widened at her. She was more gorgeous than beautiful.
“To help you…” Gareth answered honestly. He watched as she looked him up and down before letting him go.
“You don’t look like a killer…” She said.
“A killer? Is there someone after you?” Gareth showed his interest before she could answer, two men spotted them.
“We have you now!” The two men ran down the alley.
“Come on!” Before Gareth knew it, he was being pulled away. As they ran hand in hand, he felt as if the world had gone in slow motion. He watched her long dark hair flow with the wind as they ran together. For two blocks they were chased, only until a big crowd helped them blend into an escape.

Calming their breathing, they entered a boarded up old store. He followed behind her as they both walked upstairs. He noticed the creaking in each step they took. The room only had a bed to fit two people, and it was filled with pillows galore.
“So is this where you live?” Gareth asked as they reached the top.
“For now, until those people find me again. Anyway I shouldn’t be telling a stranger my problems, you don’t need to be in this mess.”
“Running away with you, am I not already part of it? They’ve seen me, are you not worried?” Gareth smirked. The girl chuckled and gave out her hand.
“Maya,” she said softly.
“Gareth,” He shook her hand slowly.
The night grew near as the two chatted about their lives. Gareth was getting to know the things he always wondered about her.
“When I woke up in the hospital I didn’t know what was going on. All I saw was a guy coming at me with a needle and I freaked. So I ran off into the streets, avoiding people who would hurt me like that again.” Maya said. Gareth looked at her with an unexplainable expression. That night it rained as the two shared a bed together.

The sun shined in threw holes in the wall, as Maya woke up alone. She looked around the room and wandered if Gareth had left her. She tried to ease her mind as she lit up a cigarette.
“You know smoking is really bad for you?” Maya almost jumped when Gareth entered the doorway minutes later.
“It calms my nerves…” Maya said while dropping the ashes into an ashtray.
“I bought you hot cocoa and sugar coated donuts.” Gareth gave a shy smile. After they finished, Gareth stood up and grabbed Maya’s hand.
“Let’s go out, I know some places that might clear your mind,” Maya gave a look of protest, but in her mind she wanted to go. So she went along. They visited the famous fountain, where Gareth told her to make a wish. She protested to it, but in the end she gave in. They did everything Maya never thought of doing before. The only thing she cared about was being seen, but as they day lingered on, everything stayed peaceful. Nearing the end of the day, Gareth waved down a taxi to drive them to his manor.

Maya’s eyes widened as she saw his home. She wasn’t one to be extravagant, but she had to admit this was a definition.
“I have a room for you already made.” Gareth smiled to her as she was welcomed into his home. After dinner and a shower, Maya was left alone in her spacious new room. She wondered how long she would be able to live here before people came after her? She never stayed in an area for too long. Something else pushed aside all the other worries. She felt cold, even though there were layers of blankets covering her. Last night was the first time in a long time that she had shared a bed with someone who cared about her this much. Without thinking, Maya stepped out of bed and headed down to where Gareth slept. She opened the door without hesitation, the room lay dark. The only light coming in was the moon.
“Gareth?” Maya closed the door behind her.
“Maya?” Gareth asked, rubbing his eyes as he sat up.
“Don’t turn on the light please.” She said as she came closer and got into bed with him.
“Just like last night, will you sleep with me?” Gareth could see her eyes staring at him. He thought back, last night he had held her in his arms while it rained.
“Of course,” Gareth pulled the blankets over them as he held her in his arms again. Things for Maya felt at ease, she could feel the walls she had built, tumble slowly.

In the morning, Maya woke up to noises entering the room. She got out of bed, got dressed and headed to the staircase.
“Where have you been Gareth?! I phoned you, but you never answered! Then I call your parents, and they say you found her, well where is this replacement, huh?!” Maya heard a woman shouting.
“Please lower your voice Donna, I have her sleeping upstairs.” Gareth said calmly.
“Don’t play this game with me Gareth, that girl has been gone for a year now. How in the hell would she just appear on the streets like this?” Donna put her hands on her hips. Maya spotted a woman dressed in a pink sundress with heels. Her brunette hair down in small curls at shoulder length. Maya thought she was beautiful, compared to the dark overcoat and combat boots she was wearing. With her wavy hair laying in tangles down her back. Maya never meant to disturb them, but she couldn’t help herself. Before she could get out of sight, she slipped on one of the steps. Gareth and Donna looked over at the staircase.
“Maya, are you alright?” Gareth rushed over as Maya stood up slowly. Donna’s eyes narrowed.
“Gareth, where did you find her this time? Did you pick up little missy here from the corner? She looks disgusting.” Donna asked in a soft but on the verge of vicious tone.
“Donna!” Gareth shot her an angry look.
“I was just leaving.” Maya pushed Gareth aside and headed for the door.
“Maya please don’t leave.” Gareth said in a worried voice.
“No Gareth, she does have to leave. She needs to start early to make her money at the corner streets. Pretending is very bad.” Donna giggled. Maya looked at her with a hurt expression before leaving. She slammed the door behind her.
“You went too far Donna.” Gareth said tightly.
“Oh please, we both know she only wanted you for your families wealth. How can that girl be the same one who ran away? We both know it’s only a coincidence since you and I are going to be married soon.” Donna said casually. Gareth’s anger rose inside of him.
“You don’t know one damn thing about Maya! So don’t run your mouth off. And as for this fake engagement, I quit.” Gareth said before exiting his home and into his car.

As Gareth drove through the streets searching for Maya, rain poured down in sheets. Traffic flooded the streets, and with no patience Gareth got out of his car and continued on foot. Gareth wouldn’t give up looking like he did in the past. Now that he finally had a taste of love again, he wanted to keep it. Running through the crowd, Gareth spotted a dark figure by the famous fountain. He already recognized the dark flowing hair.
“Maya…” Gareth said as he reached her side. He looked at her with sadness. Her eyes were running mascara and she had a soaked cigarette in her mouth.
“Smoking is bad for you…” Gareth said slowly.
“It calms my nerves…” Maya said softly.
“It’s not even lit Maya…” Gareth tried to ease the tension. But he knew nothing would do it at this point.
“When that woman in your house said if you found her…was she talking about me? Am I just a replacement for someone you know?” Maya asked.
“Donna doesn’t know a single thing about you Maya, but I do. You think I’m just telling tales, but its true. You don’t remember who I am…because you were in an accident.” Gareth said as Maya slowly had an astonished look in her eyes.
“A year ago at this fountain, you and I were on a date. It was the day I was going to propose to you after several months of being with you. I told you to wait here for me as I went to buy some flowers at the stand they used to have here. When I looked back, people were shouting for an ambulance. I rushed over to the scene and saw that you had pushed a child out of the way to an oncoming car that was speeding. At that moment I had you be put into a hospital with the best doctors, and sat by your side for months. On the day I arrived late, I was informed that you had awaken and disappeared. I’m not sure how you had done it, but no one could find you. For a year I searched for you, I had agents all over trying to look for you. After a while, my parents made me call it quits. I was so hurt and depressed I would have gone along with anything. And I did, I was ordered to marry Donna. I thought everything was crashing down all before me. But it all changed two weeks ago, when I spotted you for myself and I followed you…” Gareth stopped for a minute. Maya was turned to him now.
“Are you insane? How am I supposed to believe all of that is true?”
“Think about it Maya, you told me you woke up in a hospital but you didn’t tell me which hospital it was. I can confirm where you were when you woke up. I can tell you that you prefer hot dogs rather than a corndog. And that you love red roses but you dislike lilies. You also smoke cigarettes when you’re feeling hurt and sad. And there’s a reason why that condemned place you lived in had so many pillows. It’s because you need someone or something to sleep with you, because you’re afraid to be alone. The last thing you need for proof, is this…” Gareth handed a picture to Maya. Slowly, Maya began to cry and fall to her knees. Gareth kneeled down in front of her.
“That picture was taken before you accident.” Gareth said. Maya touched the picture, moving her fingers over herself.
“Your hair was shorter, but it grew longer while you were in the hospital.”
“I don’t want to be alone anymore…Gareth.” Maya cried as she fell into his arms. Gareth held her tightly in his arms.

Later that evening, Gareth took Maya back home before they both caught a cold in the rain. After a hot shower however, they both fell asleep together. In the morning, Maya woke up alone again. She looked at the side table where she had set her cigarettes, but they were gone.
“Don’t bother, I got rid of them.” Gareth came into the room with a tray of breakfast.
“So you’re already starting to control me huh?” Maya smirked. Gareth set the tray down and sat beside her.
“Seriously you need to stop that its bad for you. Plus, if you’re feeling alone all you have to do is call me and I’ll be there no matter what.” Gareth smiled as he kissed her forehead.
“What if you’re in a meeting?” Maya asked she grabbed the hot cup Gareth handed to her.
“Then I’ll cancel it for you, because I don’t want to lose you again.” Gareth smiled as she sipped her hot drink.
“So I guess you do know I prefer cocoa rather than coffee.” Maya smiled.
“Of course. I know everything about you, since you’re the girl I fell in love with.” Gareth kissed her again.
“I love you…” Maya said slowly. She had never remembered saying it before, so it felt like she was saying it for the first time. Gareth’s smiled widened from ear to ear.
“I love you too.” He said as he held her in his arms.

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