The Blood On His Hands

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
You are haunted by the memories of losing your first love
at first your playing her
then when you realize you do love her its to late.

Submitted: October 26, 2011

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Submitted: October 26, 2011



Every night she prays

she prays that she will have the courage to say goodbye
she says she loves you
and she means it too
But you ,, you play her like a fiddle with her heart in your hands she follows her heart always has

she's cryin'
your lyin'
she's about ready to start diein'
she thanks you for the memories
then asks you to leave

you get angry
you yell
you scream
you shout
you grab by the neck
squeeze your hands
she's choking
slowly dieing

she looks into your eyes
as if to say
"how's if feel to know my bloods on your hands instead of my own?"
you let go
she hits the floor you back up
its to late
you killed her
she's gone

you hear the sirens
their getting louder
you dont know what to do
you look through every drawer
you find a gun
cock it
you put it to your head
scream "im sorry" then you pull the trigger
everything goes dark
you're not dead yet
just barley holding on to life

you hear the door break down
the cops come in
they call an ambulance
but its too late
you're life flashes before your eyes
your memories of her
then you realize its your fault that she's gone

you wake up
with tears in your eyes
she hears you crying
she's is sitting there
at the foot of your bed
she looks at you
her eyes fill with tears

she grabs your hand
looks deep into your eyes
and says "it wasn't your fault..."
you scream "it is it is my fault !! i loved you and i killed you !!"
she hugs you tight and whispers in your ear "I'm not dead ,, as long as you never forget me i will always be alive ,, in sprit and in mind"

you open your eyes
she's gone
your alone
her words ring through your ears
"in sprit and in mind ,, I will always be alive"

Those memories of holding her close of looking into her beautiful blue eyes their gone just like her 

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