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The things I find I miss the most go way beyond any physical or sexual activities. What I miss most are the little things, and the big things that are often overlooked, discounted or taken for granted.

I use "you" as who I miss, with the understanding that "you" can be any woman, and not anyone in paticular.

Submitted: March 27, 2012

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Submitted: March 27, 2012



I miss running my hand through your hair, letting multiple strands of it slide between my fingers, running it all the way to the ends, and then bringing my hand back to your head, and repeating the motion over and over again, while your head lay on my chest, and we are sitting together enjoying a movie, TV show, or event. I miss the smell of your conditioner flying off my hand as I pet you, and the soft shiny appearance of it falling back down as it leaves my grip.

I miss waking up beside you in the morning, and wondering which one of us will be the first to use the bathroom. I miss the way you leave the door open, so that you can talk to me about the day ahead while I lay waiting my turn, or just fly into your routine without shielding it from me. I miss the times we share the shower, and how we rotate to the water in a natural and well timed dance without effort.

I miss being able to see your face when I walk into a room after we haven't seen each other for hours. Your eyes get wide and bright. Your cheeks raise up in response to the smile that has just beamed out. You are the most beautiful woman in the room and you are happy to see me. It makes a part of my chest expand with pride, a smile comes on my face, my hair generates a slight static like tingle, and I can feel heat in my ears and face.

I miss the way you challenge me, and encourage me to be better than I am. Your faith in me gives me power. Your belief in me gives me strength. Your love of me gives me reason. I can never fail in your eyes, and it empowers me to make sure I never do.

I miss the way you laugh at me when I do stupid things. Whether I stub my toe drop dinner on the floor, or lock my keys in the car. You help me get over it by seeing the humor in my flops, and you made me laugh with you at myself.

I miss the way you sometimes look at me, with your glowing eyes and beautiful smile while we are out together. Whether we are holding hands, having a meal, participating with others in some event, or even just driving. Your gaze at me reassured me, and made me feel loved. The way you would randomly reach out and touch me, grab my hand, or just cuddle to my side where we stand... I miss that too.

I miss the way you laughed at my jokes. Even the stupid ones. And how I could cheer you up when things for you weren't going so well. I could see the stress and sometimes pain in you, and somehow, I would talk with you, change the subject and watch as your body language eased from high stress, to feeling loved. You didn't always respond, but you always knew I was trying to help. And you never faulted me for it.

I miss being spontaneous with you. Whether I would chase you out of the drive acting like I had something important you forgot, just to give you another kiss. Or sat up all night making a video montage for you just because. Even sending you flowers at random times just to say today is special because I have you. I miss seeing you react to all my corny gestures.

I miss driving home from work, and getting that "I'M Home" feeling as I pull into the drive. Knowing as I shut down the car, and get ready to come in I will see you, hold you, kiss you, and hear about your day, as well as have you there to hear about mine.

I miss playing with you. Tickling, wrestling, and chasing... especially out of the blue, unplanned with allot of laughing and giggling. I miss making out with you, even with no sexual follow up. And being able to feel your body with my hands, while feeling your hands on my body.

I miss traveling with you, and sharing new and amazing places and experiences together. Creating shared memories that we will reflect on together in the days weeks and even months and years ahead. I miss watching you asleep in the seat next to me, as I drive.

I miss hearing your voice on the phone, asking me when I will be home, or to pick up something we need on my way in. I miss you missing me.

I could go on endlessly with this, but maybe I will just sum it up like this.

I miss being in a relationship, and everything it means to be in one.

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