5 sense poem

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another assignment hope you all like it.

Submitted: June 05, 2010

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Submitted: June 05, 2010



Daniel Vodovnik




Fear is black like the night enshrouding us,

It sounds like tires squealing,

While it tastes bitter and last’s what seems to be forever,

It smells like a flower diminishing with life,

It looks like a rabbit running for its life,

It makes me uneasy.


Fear is white like the light above us,

Sounds like someone gasping for air,

While it tastes like chocolate so familiar,

Its scent is putrid like that of a rotting corpse,

It looks like a man with no options left,

Fear is very nerve wracking.


Fear is green like the grass all around us,

Sounds like someone walking when there’s no one there,

And it tastes like water so bland but it’s found everywhere,

The odor that it emits is like roses from a field,

While it looks like a wolf crouched ready to pounce,

Fear is relentless inviting us in acting as if nothing’s wrong.


Fear can change how people live their lives.

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