Love so Alien

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This has VERY ADULT content, it is a science fiction short story about a war torn world between alien and human who fought themselves out of near extinction and have to participate in a breeding program to repopulate the planet. It has strong sexual situations, if that is not your thing do not read. I invite you to check out my profile because I have a full length novel that is coming out on amazon on March 17th titled '' Violet Eyed Alien.'' If you would like to learn more about it you can view my blog at

Submitted: February 26, 2014

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Submitted: February 26, 2014



Love so Alien


By: Lisa Marie Ziccardi

























 In the distant future the universe is torn by alien and human ware fare- the alien’s home world was dying and they wanted the only other planet that supported life forms, Earth. The problem was that Earth sure as hell was not going down without a fight. After centuries of fighting both humans and the alien race known as the zanrans are both dying to the brink of extinction. A truce is called because now it is not a war between alien and zanran- it is now a fight for the preservation of intelligent life. In an effort to boost the population back to a thriving number the remaining zanrans migrated to Earth and breeding is now government regulated based on who is the most genetically compatible by having all life forms DNA in a world data based. Marriage and love is a thing of the past because once the government found your match it is your duty as a citizen of Earth to breed for the good of the preservation of life- regardless or not if you love one another. If both participants cannot conceive in one year time then your genetic code gets one more chance in the government pool for a second chance to find a compatible mate, regardless or not on whether you end up falling in love with one another, after all it is for survival not for the sake of love.


















 Mara paced the small government office nervously with her official forms crumpled in the palm of her hand. She was filled with anxiety at the waiting, at the letter, at the bureaucracy of it all and the paper work. Three days before she got the ill awaited knock on her door and was handed her official papers by a man in army fatigues. Papers telling her to report to the bureau of life preserving affairs, the DNA data base found her genetically compatible mate. She sighed quickly glancing at the notification again. Mara could hardly believe that this was happening, her sister was called to the bureau a few years ago so she was prepared for the up-coming legality. She had to bring her birth certificate, identification with her to prove that she was who she said she was. A doctor’s note from a bureau approved doctor giving her a clean bill of health. Then the government case worker she had to report to gets the proof of health and identification and then will give her a form to tell her when to come back and meet her genetically compatible mate and they both have to sign forms saying that they are now legally allowed to breed and the terms of the contract. That if they do not conceive within the year, that the contract is null and void and will no longer be legal for them to breed, and have to pay a fine, and wait another three years to be put on the list.

  Mara looked at the ceiling her heart beating in her ears. She was not ready for this, children were not in her mind’s eye right now and the prospect of carrying one terrified her. But she also realized that she had to do her duty. What of this man that she had to devote at least a year of her life to? What if she hated him? What if she did end up bearing a child with a man she hated with in the minimum time allowed and was stuck with him for the rest of her life? The only way to break the contract early was if one or both parties are abusive but the deception detecting technology would make it impossible for her to lie her way out of it. She let out a deep sigh and her thoughts were interrupted by the loud swinging of the door. An overweight auburn haired woman with an indifferent façade and a stack of paperwork came trundling in and told her to sit down. As her sister told her she provided her proof of identity and proof of health, she was handed notarized forms and told to sign them and hand them back to the case worker. The case worker read over the forms and lazily typed into a computer. Mara sat with her hands under her in anticipation as the indifferent woman printed out a sheet of paper and handed it to her and told her that she had to bring that form, her ID with her and her clean bill of health to verify a second time that she was suitable for breeding. Mara absentmindedly nodded wordlessly barely hearing what the woman was saying, like a zombie she got up in a daze and walked out of the bureau with her head swimming. In and out- just like that she could hardly believe it. So simplistic to get a mate and procreate.

Mara sat on a park bench and got her bearings together, she looked down at the forms telling her when and where to meet and her future mates name- Cyr-za. Cyr-za? Her heart started pounding again- she was paired with a zanran. She could not believe it, her anxiety rose again. She  never been with an alien nor was interested in being with one,  now she was expected to breed with one? She was on the verge of tears, it was bad enough that she was called to breed now she had to breed with an alien. Mara took some deep breaths and got up from the park bench with her forms folded in her back pocket and walked home.  When she got home she took the forms out of her pocket and stuck them on her fridge with a clip magnet and stared blankly at them again, this time she broke down in tears.

She hunkered down on the kitchen floor and let the horrible tension from her long government filled day pour out of her. She cried harder than she ever thought she could, and wondered if the alien she was paired with was crying as well, if other people who were called to breed broke down and cried from the fear of it all, or just accepted it because their planet needed to survive and thrive? She rose up and wiped the tears away with the back of her hand and went into the bathroom to splash cold water off of her face she looked at her image in the mirror. Her eyes were puffy and red but the brilliant grey-green color of her eyes still shone through. Her long aquiline nose was red around the nostrils and her sleek strawberry blonde hair a rumpled mess. Mara dried her face and went to the kitchen and poured herself a glass of wine and sat at the table staring across the kitchen at the paper that foretold her future. Fatigue from the day, wine, and crying set in and Mara curled up in her bed still in her clothes and fell asleep. She awoke hours later  to the sound of rain hitting her window, for a moment she forgot about her day but remembered it with full force and a dull ache set in her stomach, she walked to the kitchen and caught eye of the foreboding form and all her anxiety came back. She walked straight into the bathroom and turned on the shower as hot as she could stand it and let the water wash over her, she envisioned the water washing away her problems and taking them down the drain. Too bad real life does not work that way she thought to herself. She stepped out of the shower and dried herself off, combed out her hair, threw on some boxers and an old shirt and fell asleep again. She dreamed of rain and green children.





 The trip to the sub division of the bureau of life preserving affairs was a long and frustrating one. The building was hard to find and the trip down town was long and the directions she had were vague and hard to understand. By the time she got to the building and got in line for the metal detector she was too frustrated and annoyed to be anxious. She was just glad she finally got to the damn place. By the time Mara got through security and was directed to where she had to go the reality started to sink in as she shakily walked up the stairs to the second floor where you go to get your certificate for breeding and meet your mate. One side for the women the other side for the men, each had to take a ticket from a different side each mate that was paired had the same number. When the number was called you were to report to the front desk and that is where you officially met your mate for the first time and were then ushered into an office where you were to meet with your official case worker who went over the paper work with you and your new mate, sign forms, got your picture taken, given another form and told to go down stairs and hand it to the registration office where each of you got a picture ID with a smaller picture of your mate with the certificate of procreating on the card. When you finally conceive you both have to show the card to the doctor to verify that you are legally breeding. The system is designed to make healthy children faster, and for you to have a mate that was the most compatible for you to have the most children with. The system has been in effect for thirty years and has been praised by the scientific journal for its effectiveness because the population is slowly but steadily increasing and if it keeps up the planet will bring intelligent life out of extinction as a new hybrid race. It sadly has been accepted that humans and zanrans cannot thrive on their own because the numbers are so low. But breeding to make a new race can change it. Humans and zanrans will never be truly extinct because a part of their legacy will live on in their children and intelligent life will forever be preserved.

  Mara took a number and sat down she panned the room to see if she could catch a glimpse of any man who she thought could be Cyr. All she saw was a bunch of bored looking women both human and zanran who were as indifferent about the whole thing as if they were going to court for a traffic ticket. Mara thought to herself that she should have brought a book to read when she suddenly heard her number being called. She double checked the ticket and her heart did a double leap and she quickly walked up to the front desk. She showed them her ticket and her forms, a zanran walked next to her and presented his ticket- one with the same number as her. Both became aware of the fact and locked eyes with one another and got a glimpse of each other for the first time.

 Cyr was tall with an elegant neck, small up turned nose, solid black eyes, and small pointed ears. His skin was apple green and he was muscular but lean. He would be considered handsome by both human and zanran standards Mara believed. He looked about the same age as her and just as nervous as she was, he looked at her seeing for the first time who he could potentially have to mate with for the rest of his life. She was small, delicately formed, with a pretty face and what humans called a Roman nose, and pretty reddish blonde hair. Cyr thought that her eyes were pretty even though they were not what he was accustomed to seeing. He never paid much mind to humans and like Mara stayed mainly with his own kind. He never was with a human before and the lingering dread rested in the back of his head. Not because he thought they were ugly or that she was ugly- it was unfamiliar territory for him. He was not sure just how different sexually humans were from his own kind. He was going to have to find out eventually and that filled him with dread.

 Their trance was broken when the man at the front desk told them that they were to go to cubicle 4A. They wordlessly nodded and in single file slowly walked to the cubicle and sat down next to each other. For the longest time neither one of them looked at each other nor said anything to one another. Cyr decided to break the long and awkward silence.

 “I am not a mean person, I thought you should know.” He said barely audible, Mara jumped back a little and looked at him. He did not look at her his gaze was cast down staring at the desk in front of him.

 “What did you say?” She choked out she was still so nervous but was trying not to show it herself.

 “I said that I am not mean or abusive, I will be nice to you and thought you should know that you were not paired up with a brute.” He replied quickly looking up at her then back down at the desk again.

 “That is good to know.” She said mostly to herself. Cyr was soft spoken and had a high resonant voice that was almost metallic sounding, she thought it odd till she remembered he was not human and she took a deep breath which started the long awkward silence again.

 “If anything else at least I hope that we can be friends. I am not sure how you feel about all of this but I am trying to make the best of this.” He said a little louder this time.

 “Yes, I agree being at least friends would be nice.” She replied back, her mouth dry and her heart beating in her chest. Just then the case worker came in with the same aura of indifference as the first one she met a few days prior he barely talked to them just like the first one. And as her sister said they were given forms to sign and explained the contract and were asked if they understood fully which they both nodded that they did. They were given a printed out form and were told to go down to registration downstairs. They did so wordlessly and waited for their turn to be called. They were given even more forms to sign which were stamped and were to be taken to the camera station. They handed the stamped form to the photographer and were told to look at the little black camera which they did so without smiling. They were told to sit down and that their names would be called once the ID cards were done printing. The reality was starting to sink in and Mara got a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach, she looked over at Cyr who was staring at his shoes, both of their heads snapped up as their names were called and they were both handed a plastic ID card with both of their pictures on it and the certificate of procreating stamped on the corner.

 Mara just stared at the card. It was all over, now it was her and Cyr’s duty to produce life for their planet. As they both exited the building they were thanked for their future services on behalf of the bureau. They caught eye of a very pregnant woman and her mate coming in to register their future child and everyone stopped and clapped for them because they did their job. Mara’s head was swimming from it all it was too much to process and she had to get out of there. Cyr silently followed her out, it was all over and it felt like she could breath and the fresh air did her well.

 “What do you want to do now Mara?” He asked her snapping her out of her trance and she looked over at him.

 “I don’t know; maybe get to know each other?” She offered in suggestion and shrugged her shoulders.

 “Yes, I would like that.” Cyr said and smiled a faint smile.





















It has been over two weeks since Cyr and Mara met, they learned of each other’s child hoods, their phobias, their friends, what they liked and did not like and their own little neuroses. Cyr was a nice man Mara had deduced and she did not dislike him, he was a kind person and had his own quirky wit. He was awkward and shy and they got along well they spent as much time as they could with one another and they were getting use to the idea of being around each other. The contract stipulated by the bureau said that after each ovulation cycle Mara was supposed to take a government issued pregnancy test and mail them back to the bureau. On her way out two weeks ago she was handed a stack of fourteen each along with self-addressed manila envelopes. She got a letter in the mail from the bureau issued doctor that she had begun to ovulate, which meant that she had seventy-two hours to mail back a pregnancy test.

 She brought this to Cyr’s attention and he simply nodded in understanding, they went out to lunch and tried to have a pleasant conversation to lessen the tension, despite the fact that they know each other enough they still were not prepared for this. Later that night they went back to her apartment and watched a movie every now and again they would give each other a small smile or make a comment, when the movie was over there was a long pause of silence.

 “I am going to take a shower.” She blurted out which made Cyr jump a little because they knew what they were at her apartment for. She quickly went into the bathroom with a night gown in hand, it was a baby pink little number made of silk with thin straps and lace at the bottom, not the sexiest thing she owned but it will cover her up without it coming off as being too matronly. She let the water cascade over her hair and breast and let out a deep sigh trying not to be scared but she could not help it, she tried not to think about it as she washed herself and toweled off and lotion herself with sweet pea scented lotion and combed her long damp hair back and silently stepped out of the bathroom. Cyr stood fully clothed on the other side and took her in for a moment and gave a small smile.

 “Is it alright if I showered as well?” He asked quietly, she nodded and awkwardly blurted out that it would be no problem and handed him her white bathrobe. He thanked her and quietly shuffled off into the bathroom and when she heard the water turn on her nervousness came back.

 “I cannot believe that we are doing this.” She said to herself as she sat on the corner of the bed trying to compose herself, she did not know how long she sat there looking down at the floor she heard the water turn off and the door to the bathroom slowly open and Cyr silently stepped into the bedroom and quietly closed the door behind him and looked up at her, she stood up from the foot of the bed not moving nor looking directly at him. For a while they stood there afraid of each other Cyr decided to make the first move and nervously walked towards her till they were a few scant inches away from each other. He stood there looking at her; she was just as nervous as he. He made his move, he slowly traced a finger up her arm tracing her shoulder and to the side of her neck she inhaled sharply. He tried not to show panic, feeling brave he traced her jaw line and combed her hair back with his fingers she looked up at him. Both of them inhaling deeply with anticipation and with slight fear and nervousness he cupped the side of her face with his hand and leaned in and gave her a delicate kiss, feeling a little braver he circled his arm around her waist gently holding her to try to assure her that everything was going to be okay and that he was going to be gentle and kind to her. He felt her body relax a little as he continued to kiss her, he tried not to over think it, and he held her tighter against him his boldness moved over to her neck as he delicately kissed her, she inhaled a moan and he stopped and looked at her, she looked at him. He moved his hands off her waist and on to her shoulders and with his fingertips gently hooked the straps of her night gown and delicately pulled it down over her shoulders till it hit the floor.

  Slightly nervous he slowly undid the knot holding together his robe and let it fall to the floor. No turning back now, both of them naked and vulnerable he took a step closer to her and put his arms around her in an embrace, her arms around him they embraced one another feeling their hearts beat wildly, the heat of their bodies, their mutual nervousness, and skin. They held each other tight Cyr slightly broke their union and kissed her neck again, she in turn moved her hands to the small of his back and feeling a little bold herself cupped his bottom as he kissed her. Feeling encouraged he moved his hands over to her breast and cupped them she let out a gasp and he was still for a moment. She assured him that it was okay and he slowly rubbed his thumb over her nipples with both her hands on his shoulders bracing herself he moved down and kissed in between her perfect pale bosom, and moved his mouth to her left breast still delicately cupped in his hand and grazed his mouth over her nipple, it was like a pink perfect rose. He never saw a human one before and did not know they were pink but he still thought it was beautiful and amazing. He moved over to her right breast and returned the favor; her head lolled back taking in the sensation of it all. She was still a little scared but it was a good scared, he was gentle and kind and just as nervous as she was which made her feel a little better.

  She felt him move back up and they were face to face, with more passion they kissed each other once more, her face cupped in his hands as their legs found the edge of her bed, she looked behind her and guided herself down and lay naked before him. He took her all in, she was alien, and she was beautiful. He swallowed hard and moved to the foot of the bed and slowly crawled over her, her legs parting to invite his body in-between them. He gently laid himself on top of her and kissed her, kissed her neck comfortingly and whispered in her ear asking if it was okay to proceed. He did not want to do it without her permission. She nodded and kissed his shoulder assuring him that it was alright and he kissed her back as his hand moved down to guide himself into her. Her eyes snapped open as he gently pushed himself in, both marveled at the sensation of it feeling his size, and her wrapping herself around him. She was warm and very wet, and he was very hard. For him nothing was more erotic and a turn on then feeling the wonder of full penetration for the first time. As he fluidly and slowly moved into her inch by inch till he was fully inside. He was still for a moment, both of their hearts beating wildly and gasping at the feel of each other but the need to move inside her was becoming great and she adjusted her hips and her legs so he could fulfill that need that they both now wanted. He began to thrust slowly at first until they found their ebb and flow and he began moving faster, he was lost at the sensation of it and the need to please her. He glanced down at her for a moment her eyes closed and pursed slightly, her face contorted in pleasure that she was trying to keep in. He leaned down at her and kissed her ear.

 “It is okay to like it; I want to make you feel good.” He whispered breathlessly and her face relaxed and her body and head arched back as she let out a moan, encouraged he started to thrust faster against her and letting go she wrapped her arms around him crying out in absolute pleasure. He smiled at this as he panted with each thrust, they were not nervous anymore all they were now was sensations and warm skin. He felt Mara’s walls clamp down around him and her hips thrust up as she let out a moaning cry and yelled his name, she clung to him as he thrust even faster climaxing with her releasing himself inside of her and a cry of pleasure to go along with it. He collapsed on top of her and slowly pulled himself out of her and found comfortable spot on her chest. They were silent as they both panted hard trying to catch their breath his heart beating inside of his chest, her genitals throbbing from the orgasm. Without thinking she began to gently stroke his bald head and toy with his ear his other hand met with hers and their fingers laced together bonding their union further. He eventually caught his breath and moved his head from her chest and held her against him wrapping her in a protective embrace. He kissed the top of her head and they smiled at each other and fell asleep in each other’s arms.















“It is negative.” Mara said as she dropped the pregnancy test into the manila envelope and casually tossed it on the table; she planned on dropping it off in the mail box later when she did grocery shopping. Her and Cyr have known each other for a couple months and have become quite fond with one another aside from a good friendship Mara did not know how else to describe their union.

 “I am sorry; we still have twelve more of them to go.” He replied casually drying a plate, Cyr if anything was helpful- a fact that Mara liked about him regardless if they were paired mates or not, Cyr was overall a good person alien or human.

 “Don’t be, I am not very hard pressed on it at the moment. As much as I do care about you and the friendship that has grown between us I do not care for the fact that I am forced to have a child with you.” She said glancing back over at the manila envelope before directing her attention back towards Cyr who slowly put the dish away and dried his hands. He seemed to be perturbed by something though Mara could not put her finger on what it was.

 “What is the matter?” She asked slowly walking towards the kitchen to him. He turned around and gave her a half-smile as he quickly glanced at the table with the envelope.

 “Nothing, it is just I do agree with you about the forced procreation with you. But I do feel that regardless of it all that what we have is a special union and bond. Not too many people who are assigned mates are so lucky, I just wish that the world was a little different and that us meeting was under different circumstances.” He said casting down his eyes and a look of sad contemplation. Mara put a sympathetic hand on his shoulder, he looked up at her and she smiled and they both wrapped their arms around one another in an understanding need to alleviate the melancholy that lingered between them. Her forehead grazed his lips and he gave it a gentle kiss she looked up at him and before either one of them knew it they were kissing one another as if they needed it more than they needed their next breath, bodies thrusting against one another as quivering eager hands found bra straps and belt buckles. Mara touched Cyr anywhere she had the opportunity to touch his apple green colored skin, his long spindly fingers elegantly touching her breast, her hips, the small of her back. His mouth nipping at her neck and shoulder, Mara let out a small cry of pleasure and looked at Cyr whose attention now diverted back to her mouth as he kissed her with intensity and hunger for them to be one.

 In their passion they ended up on top of the kitchen table and Mara heard the faint sounds of the envelope falling to the carpeted floor but could not be bothered by that. She felt Cyr cradling himself with one hand on the back of her thigh the other one teasing her clit with the head of his cock sending waves of pleasure and desire radiating from her abdomen to her chest and out through her legs.

 “Oh god, I want you now!” She choked out in a breathy whisper; Cyr slowly guided down and pushed himself into her entrance and held on to the table edge over her head for support her nails lightly raking the small of his back as his thrusts got faster with vigor and animal lust against her. Each thrust like sweet electric explosions waving inside of her, his cock filling her up and she could feel her pleasure building up Cyr sensing she was close started thrusting faster until they both climaxed together, she could feel his cock throbbing inside of her as he released  his orgasm inside of her. She could not put her finger on the reason why, but him coming inside of her made the orgasm all the more better. Her body glistened with sweat and they both tried to catch their breath, Cyr collapsed on top of her tired from his efforts. He let go of the table and her thigh and gave her a soft kiss.

 “Wow…that was amazing.” She whispered. Cyr smiled at her and kissed her once more Mara made her request to get off the table and Cyr backed away to give her room. She went into the bedroom and called over her shoulder asking if Cyr was going to follow her in. She could feel his cum leaking out of her and dribble down her inner thigh. Mara went into the bathroom and turned on the shower Cyr joined her and they washed the sweat and sex off of each other. When they were finished Mara asked if he wanted to join her on the bed.

 “Call me old fashioned but it does not feel like sex unless you cuddle afterwards.” She said in a half joking manner.

 “You are not old fashioned for thinking that.”  He said as he joined her on the bed and she laid on top of him with one arm hooked around him his fingers toying with her hair. All she could do was listen to the rhythm of his heart beat and the sound of his breathing. Cyr did not mind the silence he loved the here and now that they were sharing. She was beautiful and loved the feel of her pale human skin, the heat of her body against his, the feeling of warm both psychically and emotionally from them embracing one another. They both drifted off into a much needed sleep, the pregnancy test still laid on the floor.












 Cyr and Mara both did not have to go to work today so they decided that they needed a much needed ‘pleasant day’ together. They went to a book store that sold nothing but old books because new ones have not been in print for quite some time. Both were delighted at the good haul they acquired, Mara referred to them as her ‘treasures’ because she was a pathologic reader as well as Cyr- it was another thing she found that she had in common with him. Then after raving about how they got so many books for a good deal they went to get lunch at one of the few diners that were in their small city. Aside from farmers everyone lived in clustered gated cities it was to keep everyone together so the population will grow faster. The small city they lived in only had five thousand people but it felt bigger because everyone was closer together to make it grow.

  Cyr and Mara sat outside in the patio area because it was a warm sunny spring day, it was almost perfect to add to the flow of the pleasant day they were having. They were talking about the day, the annoyances at work, and other small pleasantries when they were interrupted by the thunderous cheers and applause surrounding them. Both looked for the source of the commotion and found a very pregnant Zanran woman with another small child in tow, she was being cheered for not only being pregnant but for having another child. She did her job; she gave a small nod and smile in appreciation of the recognition of the ‘accomplishment’ she made and waddled down the street on her merry way. A line of soldiers both human and alien walked down the street and asked to see her wrist which she pointed out- a barcode that both mates get once they produce a child for the certificate was no longer needed, the barcode is a more effective way to make sure that your children were made ‘ legally.’ They scanned her wrist and then they clapped for her and gave her small child a piece of candy and put their hands on her pregnant belly and told her she did a supreme job. The zanran woman beamed from the compliment and they told her to have a nice day and she continued about her day.

 Both Cyr and Mara were entranced in their own little worlds about the whole encounter that has become the norm for their daily lives, they broke out of their little trance and looked at each other for a second the tone went from pleasant to awkward and both silently looked down at their food picking at it awkwardly.

 “I wonder if it will be annoying or complimentary when people start clapping for us.” Cyr mumbled. Mara looked up at him and pursed her lips together and nodded.

 “Who knows, we shall just have to see I guess.” She trailed off looking at the soldiers marching down the street. The rest of the day was set in awkward silence for the both of them as they walked down the gravel road in a wooded park to take in the fresh air. Both walked in silence awkwardly.

 “This isn’t fair.” Cyr exclaimed not looking at her.

 “What isn’t?” She asked looking up at the trees before turning her attention to him.

 “That the whole day was ruined because of that one thing.” He said wringing the plastic handle of the bag that contained their books.

“You mean the pregnant woman?” She asked stating the obvious.

 “Yes, it is not fair!” He practically yelled which startled her because it was unlike him to yell. She did understand how he felt though and could see his frustration, they just wanted to have a nice day and get their minds off breeding and their ‘duty.’ Then she got a wicked idea.

 “Follow me.” She said simply as she took Cyr’s hand he looked at her with slight confusion but followed her into the woods none the less till they came to a grassy clearing surrounded by trees and a large rock.

 “Why did you want me to…oh I see.” Cyr said in understanding as Mara pulled her shirt over her head and stood shirtless before him.

 “I am determined to salvage this day.” She said intently as she unbuckled Cyr’s belt and his pants fell around his ankles he nodded in understanding and took her in his arms as they he kissed her anywhere he could and ran his fingers up her thigh under her skirt and found the strap of her panties and with one hooked finger slid them down and they fell to around her knees, she pulled his underwear down and his cock bobbed out and she took him in her hand, feeling his thick hardness turned her on even more. Cyr’s fingers found her bra strap and unhooked her bra with finesse and played with her breast, grazing her nipples with his thumbs till they hardened into rosy buds making her moan, they found themselves on the grassy floor in a fury of touch and kissing. Mara moved herself on top of Cyr and straddled herself above his hips; he looked at her with mouth slightly parted in awe as she guided him into her she wrapped around him like a well fitted glove and seeing himself go into her was exhilarating. She leaned forward and kissed him before leaning back and bracing her hands on the top of his thighs rocking against him finding her rhythm, grinding was a whole different experience then thrusting her taking control was such a turn on, and the view made it all the more better Cyr thought to himself as he took her in, her breast bobbing up and down, her head arched back in pleasure, his hands on her hips his thumb finding her way to her clit as he rubbed her making her eyes snap open for a moment taking in the increasingly intensified pleasure that she was feeling making her grind against him faster. Cyr was being brought to the edge of ecstasy; the visual he was getting of her on top of him just alone was enough to drive him crazy. With his other hand he played with her breast as her grinding became faster, she was so wet and warm and the angle made him deep inside her, he glanced down for a moment and could see cock moving in and out of her god that was so thrilling he thought to himself. His eyes snapped shut taking in the intense pleasure of it all, the other benefit of her being on top was that she felt even tighter making the feeling more intense. Her grinding getting faster and he felt her clamp down on him and her body arched forward as she moved to the rhythm of her orgasm. He was not there yet and when she leaned forward he wrapped his arms around her hips and bent his knees, getting leverage with his feet started thrusting upwards letting Mara lay against him so she could recover from her orgasm. He clung to her as his upwards thrust were increasing in speed till he felt himself getting closer and with one final sharp upward thrust released himself inside her in an explosion of color. Mara laid on top of him recovering from her much appreciated efforts

 “See, I told you I could salvage this day.” She said and they both laughed.





















 “Oh god, yes, just like that…” Mara whimpered as Cyr’s tongue danced in circles around her clit his fingers gently digging into her thighs Mara clung onto the sheets it was all she could do to restrain herself from bucking wildly in mad pleasure. To him she tasted sweeter then candy he had to hold her thighs to prevent them from smothering his head, that fact pleased him for he knew he was doing it right. Her moans got louder and it was harder to restrain her, his face getting buried in her silken mound with one final dance of his tongue she thrust her hips sharply upwards followed by a loud choked cry. Cyr rolled himself off and scooted himself next to her. She lay on her back panting like a mad woman with one arm over the back of her head she looked at him and smiled.

 “What was that all about?” She asked him as he trailed his fingers along her belly doing a light circle around her navel and laid his head on her shoulder.

 “I am not sure; I guess I just wanted to try something new.” He replied and looked up at her and she sat up suddenly startling him causing him to flip on his back.

 “What is the matter?” He asked with slight bewilderment at her bolting up so sudden.

 “Nothing, I just want to return the favor that is all.” She said slyly as she gently kissed his chest trailing down to his slender stomach, and she found herself in between his legs. She gently kissed his inner thighs and her tongue gently licked his balls in a light circular motions. Cyr inhaled sharply as she continued her gentle licking as her hand wrapped around the base of his shaft so she could get a better angle. She licked his balls for a little bit longer delightfully teasing him she moved her focus from his balls to the head of his dick. She put the tip in her mouth and began licking in a circular motion, one hand stroking the shaft, the other one gently tugging and playing with his balls. She knew she had to do it delicately. A loud groan resonated from Cyr; he never got a blow job as good as she was giving him. She knew exactly what she was doing. After her gentle teasing of his head she slowly took his entire length in his mouth. She began to suck slowly at first careful not to hit him with her teeth, she made sure to suck hard but not too hard. She found rhythm as she began sucking faster moving her head up and down in a twisting motion while doing it. Cyr grabbed the back of her head gently as he moaned an ‘oh fuck’ escaped his lips as she continued working him faster making sure to use her tongue on the underside of his dick. She continued on until he let out a cry and he released his hot seed into her mouth. She did not care for swallowing but did not want Cyr to feel bad so she choked his seed down which numbed her mouth.

 She crawled alongside him and rested her head on his shoulder, her head moving up and down slightly from him catching his breath, when he got his bearings together he wrapped his arms around her tight and buried his face on the top of her head.

 “Wow that was the best oral sex I have ever received. Where did you learn to do that?” He happily exclaimed still slightly breathless from the excursion.

 “I did not know I was that good at it.” She said with a little laugh, Cyr kissed the top of her head.

 “Well you are.” He smiled to himself as his fingers danced along her arm and up her shoulders.

 “Well, that is good to know I guess.” She replied to herself as she drifted off into a dreamless sleep.





“When I was young my grandparents would always talk about home- well, our home planet I guess. By the time my parents were born we had no home to go to anymore.” Cyr told Mara as they lay facing each other in a close embrace. They both woke up from the previous excursion but did not feel like getting out of bed so they just cuddled and were shooting the breeze. Mara liked having conversations with Cyr, she enjoyed them quite well actually because it made them connected to some level which is why they got along so well in her eyes.

 “What would they say?” She asked drawing nonsensical patterns with her fingers along Cyr’s hip not thinking about anything in particular. Her mind was in a state of a thoughtless Zen, she liked thoughtless Zen.

 “They would tell us how the sky was green tinted in the day, and a brilliant purple when the sun set. Our world was a thriving metropolis so much so we became a never ending city and our world ended up dying.” Cyr snorted slightly as if he heard a joke that half bemused him.

 “Why was your world dying?” She asked staring off into a dreamy space and she sighed softly still in her Zen.

 “Because we went too far my grandparents said. We as a people wanted to see how far we could thrive and we took it too far to where the planet could no longer produce natural resources and life could not breed fast enough for the world we tore down in our quest to expand and be great- that was what my grandparents said.”


 “Does it bother you that there is no planet to go back to?” She asked stopping her pattern drawing with her finger.

 “Not really, by the time my parents were born the planet was too far to gone to actually live in and the people they could save lived in space while the war was fought- it was towards the end of the war and we took that too far where no one would win if we kept fighting so we had no choice but to make a truce.”

 “Hence the breeding program we have now because we killed each other to the point of near extinction.” She remarked looking up at him.

 “Yes, the only good thing about fuck ups of our ancestors is that I got to meet you. Even if we never have a child or love each other I do not regret you coming into my life forever.” He said looking at her. Mara got a knot in her throat if anything she too was glad that in some capacity Cyr came into her life.

 “Cyr?” She said in an urgent voice.

 “Yes Mara?”

 “Kiss me, please?” She asked in a quiet pleading tone. Cyr understood the meaning of it all and kissed her intently, her heart thundered with emotion and desire. She took him all in, his tongue, his desire, her lust, and everything else in between that she felt towards him. He found himself on top of her, kissing her neck in animal passion. This time it felt different a feeling of the outmost emotions radiated in her chest and she could feel it in Cyr’s kisses. He stopped kissing her and touched his forehead to hers and stroked her face and smoothed her hair. Both were trembling with desire and this strange overwhelming feeling.

 “Mara…oh Mara I…” He breathlessly whispered. He felt it too but could not put his finger on it either.

 “I feel it too.” She whispered frightened and delighted all at once as she traces circles around his jaw with her fingers, and traced a finger down his neck looking down at her finger and looking back up at him. His face, his svelte form, elegant neck, slender beautiful but alien face, and his solid black eyes that looked like black pools staring back at her.

 “What is it?” He asked in a desperate befuddled whisper as he nibbled on her neck, she turned and moved over to his ear and gently kissed it and whispered.

 “It’s love.” He stopped what he was doing and sharply turned his head and looked at her intently. He took in her face, her hair; his emotions and he looked at her strange but beautiful eyes and took everything in. He did not say anything and kissed her with the fury and wonderment that comes with love. The desperation to just be together was too great for the both of them, like two pieces trying desperately to be one. She wrapped her legs around him and guided him into her and moved her hands back to their desperate embrace that they were locked in. They now needed to be as close to each other as possible and it was like the fear of a few scant inches between them would ruin that. His thrusts were fast and desperate as his face was buried in her neck to muffle the cries of abject pleasure that was involuntarily yelping out of their throats. The way he pounded so unmercifully against her, their desperate clinging, their primal desperate sounding cries. Love- it was suicide for them to love each other but they did not care. They were in the here and now, he needed to be together with her, he needed his body to melt in a fluid motion with hers and make his pleasure hers, he had this quaking need to envelope her mind body and soul, to psychically express to her all the overwhelming emotions he was feeling on the inside. He pounded against her harder than he ever thought capable in one blind second he thought he was hurting her, but she wrapped her legs around him and cried out to go faster, her arms wrapping around his tighter and her cries became impassioned animal- like primal screams. He came inside her fast and hard and she bucked wildly against him her orgasm so intense it almost hurt. He collapsed in a sweaty panting pile against her, both still clinging to one another afraid of their own emotions. For the longest time they laid in that silent embrace, she was absorbed in the novelty of breathing and nothing more, and he was just listening to her wildly beating heart.

 “It is dangerous you know.” Mara said finally.

 “What is?” He asked her heart beat vibrating in his ear, comforting to the point where he almost did not hear her question.

 “Loving each other, what if we do not have a child? Then what?” She said her voice choked with emotion. Cyr looked up at her, Mara used the back of her hands to shield her eyes and her tears, and Cyr moved alongside her and moved her hand. Her eyes were like liquid pools.

 “We still have eight months and now that some of the stress is gone it will be much easier to conceive by then.” He said assuring her but the linger of doubt hung in the back of his mind, what if she was right and it did not happen for them? It was rare because the program left little room for error but still there was a chance.

 “And if we do not?” She asked trying not to let her voice crack.

 “Then we run off together just like the others who loved but could not conceive.” Yes, they can do that. He would run as far as he could just like all the others and live the outlander life just like the others before them if that meant that he could be with her forever.







 Mara sighed heavily as she waited for the results of her pregnancy test; she was alone in the bathroom sitting at the edge of the bathtub bobbing her knees in anticipation waiting for those two damn minutes to be up. Since realizing her love for Cyr they now made it a mission to have sex as much as possible so they can conceive. It also added new stresses, but Mara tried not to worry about it and pushed them in the back of her mind. She sat up and looked at the test sitting on the top of the toilet- negative.

 “God damn it!” She yelled to herself, Cyr was not home she angrily took the test and threw it in the manila envelope and flung it on the counter. She had eight more months to go she reassured herself. Mara lay on the couch and turned on the radio, her rage radiating in waves from her chest to her head she needed to calm down- she was too angry to read so maybe some music may calm her down. She closed her eyes trying to let the waves of anger wash out of her.

 “Good news today for the world as our world population has risen to almost nine million!” The voice in the radio said mocking her, her waves of anger came back as she threw the radio to the ground breaking it making her even angrier. She was near tears at this point and had no outlet to alleviate it. She did not know what else to do buy lay on the bed and cry her anger and frustration into her pillow. In her sobbing she did not hear the faint clicks of the door unlocking as Cyr made his quiet entrance in the front room. The apartment was still and there was no sign of Mara anywhere he noticed the radio broken on the floor and the pregnancy test on the counter sitting on an odd angle as if it had been flung there in anger. Cyr quietly walked into the bedroom and found Mara laying facedown and motionless, her face buried in the pillow and her arms lying flatly on her sides.

 “Negative?” He asked gently cautiously approaching the bed.

 “Yes,” She mumbled into her pillow barely audible. “It is not fair, and then the radio just had to remind me about our population increasing- like it knew I was already upset and had to mock me.” She said flipping over on her back wiping her eyes with the palms of her hands.

 “I do not think the radio was mocking you intentionally.” He said sitting next to her trying to comfort her, he took her hand in his rubbing her knuckles with his thumb hoping that just the mere action can make it all better for her.

 “I know it was not, it is just so frustrating that is all.” She remarked her voice cracking slightly.

 “As hard as it is we just can’t let it get to us and try not to think about it. It sounds generic but it is true.” He said lying next to her putting an arm around her. He did not know what else he could do to make her feel better aside from just comforting her and being there for her. He leaned over her ear and whispered that it would all be alright, and he kissed her ear lightly and moved down to her neck and starting kissing her comfortingly, she arched her back in response and flipped over to face him and traced his jaw- line with her finger, his hand ran up underneath her shirt and cupped her breast as he continued to nibble on her neck gently. Moans started to accompany the movements of Mara’s body as Cyr’s hand moved from her breast to the inside of her sweatpants her flesh grinding against his fingers  in anticipation as he cupped her and continued kissing her. With slender fingers he began probing her honey slicked flesh her body dancing along to the movements of his skilled fingers. Mara pulled down her pants and kicked them off her ankles eagerly and Cyr followed suit as Mara discarded the last of her clothing and joined Cyr in a needy embrace. Hands quickly found Cyr’s  cock and his eyes snapped open, he braced his hands on his shoulders as he watched her work him over, her delicate thumb working over his head and with bolder movements her hand working all of him.

 She was careful not to work him over too much and she gently moved her hands away and Cyr gently turned her on her stomach and started lightly kissing the small of her back and working his way up to the back of her neck, she could feel his hardness poking the back of her thigh as his lips grazed her shoulder and she could feel him gently guiding himself into her wet core. She parted her legs wider giving him easier access and gently grabbed her hips when he was all the way in. Mara gripped the head board to steady herself as Cyr pounded against her his hands moving to her inner thighs and one running up her back as he gently tugged at her hair. He leaned over placing one hand over the head board along with hers so he could continue his eager thrusting and kissed her neck lovingly the other hand hooked around to find her clit and began rubbing her to the rhythm of his thrust, this drove Mara over the edge and her moans became primal screams and half choked cries. The feeling of Cyr taking her from behind was a whole new pleasure never felt before. He was deeper inside of her then she ever thought could be possible and with each thrust he seem to feel bigger. She never felt this filled up before and with him rubbing her in tandem to his animal like thrusting she could not think for the feeling of it all. As pleasurable as him taking her from behind was it also made her arms weak and she found herself lying face down her tired arms supporting her head as she surrendered to the delightful and animal like pounding that Cyr was subjecting her to.  Cyr could sense Mara was not able to keep this position up for much longer, and he gently flipped her over and parted her legs. He gave her a moment to recover from the position as he straddled himself in between her legs and gently guided himself back in, his hands digging into her knees as he slowly and deeply probed her as she gave a soft cry with each gentle, slow, and long thrust. When he was sure that Mara recovered his thrust began to go faster and he could feel himself getting close he released himself inside of her as he gave her a hard impassioned kiss. He was still inside of her as he caught his breath and kissed her cheek and her eye lid and ear.

 “You did not come yet did you?” He asked as his kisses trailed to her shoulder.

 “Not yet.” She whispered and smiled at him with down cast eyes, another thing Cyr loved about Mara was that she was understanding and that if he could not give her an orgasm through sex she knew that he would happily give her one through one way or another. He slid off of her and molded himself alongside of her and his fingers danced up her thighs and into her silken mound. His fingers circling her folds of rosy pink flesh and one ventured inside and began stroking her causing her hips to buck up against him. She gasped in pleasure as his skilled fingers found her sweet spot and started working her in eager circular motions. With each lap of his fingers it was like her orgasm was stirring closer and closer in her loins getting more and more intense till it was a sweet explosion depriving her of air. She writhed against his fingers intensifying the explosions until she was a tired pile of sweat, sex, and flesh. He hovered over her on one elbow looking over her and smiling.

 “What is it?” She asked.

 “I like making you come, that is all.” Mara smiled a weary, satisfied smile at Cyr and his fingers traced the crest of her chest.

 “Well, you are good at doing that.” She said and turned on her side against him they molded themselves to fit each other’s form and let the overwhelming need for sleep take over them. Mara had a dream that she was in a high school gym and she was giving birth to a child in a kiddie pool, the water was warm and there was no pain while she was giving birth. When Mara woke up she wondered if it was a sign.





  Their time was up, months and months of trying there was still no baby, they tried to run off together to where the others fled but they got caught. They were held in a detention center waiting for their punishment and ultimate separation of one another. Cyr sat on the wooden bench his stomach in knots his legs shaking, he was so nervous he was dizzy and when he looked up at the pale green ceiling with its bright fluorescent lights his vision blurred. What were they doing to Mara? Better yet, will he ever see his beloved Mara ever again? The thought made his heart pound in his temples- the not knowing, the immense trouble they were in, the separation and the inevitable that he was pushing out of his mind. They never thought that this day would come, they thought that by now there would be a child, that if not they could run away together, they thought that they would be together forever but it did not work out that. Cyr tried to hold back tears as he thought of her face, her voice, her love, all the things he may never see, hear, and feel again.

 His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of keys being pushed through and the creak of a heavy door. There were three guards, a official from the bureau, and Mara standing before him. He wanted to lurch forward and embrace her but he was in hand cuffs. One of the guards silently took them off and Cyr rubbed his wrist, he looked up at the guards and Mara. Was this goodbye, were they being nice enough for them to have one final goodbye?

 “You two are free to go.” The bureau worker said flatly and handed them both release forms and were told to sign. It was all a blur so without saying anything they did, and handed them back to the bureau worker who looked over them and attached them to a clipboard.

 “You two are free to go, you are lucky too- you barely made it to the deadline on your contract.” He said before leaving.

 “Wait, I am confused. You mean we are free to go, why?” She asked calling out to the bureau worker.

 “You fulfilled your contract. Therefore the charges of fleeing and the fine is dropped, you now are free to breed with one another for life.” He said casually before exiting the door.

 “Oh my god…you mean I am pregnant?” Mara said dumbfounded as she started to cry tears of relief and joy cause now nothing can separate her and Cyr, he embraced her tight never wanting to let her go because he realized it too, and the guards stood around them and cheered for they did their job. They produced life together, the world will continue thriving out of extinction, but to them it did not matter- they can now be together, they can still love, and that was all that mattered. Love.

© Copyright 2017 Lisa Marie Ziccardi. All rights reserved.

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