About choices we make in our lifestyles and how they are
driven by our past experiences and hopes for the future

A room with a view



Our lives are a series of moments

 Many of them unexpected, uncontrolled and violent

As children our days were kept busy by routines of education,

brownie troops, field trips, church, school and our parents.

We faithfully did our homework ,  chores and sports to maintain these routines.

The keeping of balance within the house was essential and in this way we could

 protect ourselves from the loud voices.


We created a sanctuary from the outside world within our little rooms-

As a child I remember French provincial furniture maybe chosen by my mother more than myself ;

Perhaps the princess like surroundings she wished for as a child

While beautiful in shades of gold and vanilla felt cold and hard –

 My respite was the orange bean bag chair in the corner where I spent many of my hours…

Although it is very hard to make out in -

A Clairol lighted  mirror that I could adjust to pretend to be a supermodel with the perfect lighting

A  baseball in a mug which I stole from the high school field as inspiration of the young man I wanted

 to be with someday- a  kind of wish in a jar.

Blue ribbons from silly competitions entered that were too easy to achieve

The Serenity prayer in a stained glass form  which  I would read each night and morning…


As we become our taller forms we design our own places

 Some of us who are extremely gifted create walls of cedar and stained glass,

 With brass fixtures and exquisite copper ceilings that reflect the light.

Each room filled with many windows as to always be close to nature and the sun and to hear the rain

as it taps upon the panes in the morning hours.

We buy land and create a sanctuary within itself - ponds and trees perched upon the highest

peaks – as to look down upon others and to always remain on alert for possible attacks.

Some   shelters are hidden behind the tallest oaks and maples and could easily be missed by those who

are unfamiliar with the area.

T hey are open and isolated all at once- just as they were designed to be.

Open to the safety of nature and closed to the enemies of man.


The less talented of us have to rent or buy –

We have the ideal picture of a cape cod like shelter with white wooden beds

and the sounds and smell of beach in the air so we choose sand colored

tint for our walls and candles which remind of us of the aromas of the shore-

 We decorate our rooms with the hues of tans and browns - as to remind us of

 the color of the skin as it is touched by the warmth of the summer sun.


Our rooms with a view designed  to counter the past and create the inspiration for

 who we wish to become none better than the other –

 but each with its own purpose and promise ….

Submitted: August 19, 2010

© Copyright 2022 Lisa Marie. All rights reserved.

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death upon our dreams

This poem is awesome :) Something that people can really relate too, great work :)xxoo

Thu, August 19th, 2010 6:42am


t you for taking the time to read this - how did i you get your site to look so professional -will look at your work i like to really take my time and will get back to you - they have not posted my pic yet any ideas ? lisa

Fri, August 20th, 2010 10:41pm

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