It is a poem written in response to a crtique made about my
personal habits - and need to have order in my life -

Clean lines

She straightened and organized her humble abode- She had too it distracted her from the waves of thought she liked to keep a safe distance from. The quick movements of dusting and wiping kept her body busy enough at least for a short while

The rain fell upon the panes of the windows and she thought it is a perfect morning to straighten- She could not run or exercise frantically because of the weather so this was the ideal alternative She balanced her checking account for the third time in a week, She reorganized every drawer and looked up quotes –she loved beautiful writing. She sequenced her photos and sent out a card .

She tried not to think too much. This was usually a vicious cycle of stagnant thoughts filled with regret and sadness. So the rain would lessen, the place was lemony fresh, the beds were made and the lines were clean-

So she went for a run as long and hard as she could Until the thoughts came again In drops, then trickles then downpours – just like the rain.

Submitted: August 19, 2010

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