Recollection of a lost love and the excitement and sadness
in a new relationship


In Place of Flowers
As a younger girl I once met someone who had nothing to speak of –
He was a bit lost , broke and broken,
A dreamer, thinker, a sweet man –
Who was in between when we met -as was I
I saw his beauty despite his disheveled appearance and
disorganized conversation-he saw mine despite feeling like the oldest 26 year old in the world
One evening in place of a fancy dinner or extravagant event –
He handed me this crumpled piece of paper –
So excited to see him I quickly smiled but barely gave it a glance as just wanted
to begin our time together –
At once his face went blank and the evening ended-with a tear in my eye –
He left and gave no reason – he did not have to…
 I opened the crumpled piece of paper ever so carefully and
a magnificent work was at once revealed.
In place of flowers I give you this note –
It is slightly worn like me but each word is carefully chosen for you –
The poem continued with simplicity and grace –
 Upon reading it-I knew that the beginning was also the end
 I would never again forget to say thank you and take the time
 to honor each  word,  note,  embrace and moment.
Thank You Thank you Thank you

Submitted: August 19, 2010

© Copyright 2022 Lisa Marie. All rights reserved.

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