The unlucky one

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We meet our hero Zoey a 17 year old with a rough life from her mom who left to be with her ex to her very abuseive father and to her younger sister who doesnt want to leave her side but soon Zoey's world will be fliped upside down when she meet her twin and just like every thing else in Zoey's life Luna (her twin) is just as bad
*please note this is still a work in progress*

Submitted: November 29, 2011

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Submitted: November 29, 2011



Chapter one

~Where it all begins~


"Zoey! Time to get up!" Maggie's voice called from behind my bedroom door. "Im not going today!" I yelled back rolling over facing away from the door as I slowly opened my eyes all the way. I stared out my open window at the dull gray morning "Figures this would happen on my birthday." I said with a sigh and closed my eyes again almost falling instanticly back to sleep and away from the one day of the year I wish I could escape the most. My sleepy bliss ended all to quickly when a loud bang then the screams of my dad woke me back up into reality. I didnt waste time on thinking about what I wanted to wear or even what I looked like when I bolted from my bedand to my closet the only thing I was really focused on was trying to make out what my dad was screaming about. I threw on the first thing my hand touched which was a short black lace dress with a silky blue under dress attached to it, one of the few dresses I was comfortable wearing and I grabbed a pair of black high heels not caring enough to even put them on. I ran from my room and down the long twisting hallway and by the time I made it down the stairs my dad was looming over Maggie hand raised and yelling "You stupid brat!" as his hand started its desent down towar Maggie's scared fear filled eyes, and in that split second Maggie was on the floor and the sound of his hand making contact with my cheek echoed through the empty house. The sting of his slap only lasted a few seconds "Maggie." I said trying to control my voice to sound as calm as possible "Get up and go to the bus stop honey." I said to her not taking my eyes off my now very pissed off father but Maggie didnt waste any time getting to her feet and scrambling out the door. When the sound of the heavy oak door closing shut echoed around us I moved away from my dad and to a near by chair and started strapping on my heels. His yelling grew louder but I just tuned him out and with shoes on and my bag in hand I made my way to the front door and opened it. But before I stepped into the gray morning I took one last look at the red faced man making his way to me. I just sighed and shook my head at the hopeless situation and disappeared through the door way and pulled the door as hard as I could behind me.

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