This is my Unspoken Love

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Um its pretty random but like always i hope you enjoy it =D

Submitted: May 11, 2011

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Submitted: May 11, 2011



His eyes were the softest shade of blue his hair was the color of a starless night sky and his tall lean muscular body stood out among the rest of the guys here at OakGrove Intermaited High School. He's so beautiful........."Yo Cross!" Justin's voice cut through my insescent mind bable "H-huh?" I stamered "So you checking out the new guy?" He asked "N-no I-im not" came my  brilliant response "Hey its cool no need to be embarssed" He said as he ruffled my hair "Im not embarssed because I was so not checking the new guy out" I said taking a step back from him and trying to fix my hair "and i really wish you would stop messing up my hair" He stepped closer and wrapped his arms around me "sorry about that" he said his warm breath tickled my ear making me smile and relax in his arms. "so you werent checking the new guy out?" His voice was low but i was so close to him it wasnt hard to hear him "nope not at all" I ignored the sick feeling in my stomach my words caused the second they left my mouth "good" he said as his arms fell from around me  "yeah so how was the game?" i asked trying to shake off the eyes of people who were watching us "Eh....We kicked Ass what else is new" he shrugged and smiled at me "It sucked that you couldnt be there" He said taking my hand "yeah well mom wanted me home" I said loving the way his warm strong hand felt in mine one of the many reasons why i like him so much he wasnt the typical jock who was to stuck on himself he was the complete oppisite "yeah" he said absently as we stoped at my locker my hand stil in his "um.....thanks" I said smiling up at him "oh......Um..... No problem" He stamered over his words  making him look completely adorable "Cross......" his voice went low again and his hand tightened around mine "Yeah" I said in a shaky voice trying desprately to ignore the butterflies his voice was causing to flap wildly around in my stomach "there's something I've been meaning to ask you" he said as his gaze met mine as we stared at eachother the rest of the world seemed to evaporate and it was just me and Justin standing there with the unasked question hanging in the air between us


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