Foreign Love on Home Grounds

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Falling in love with a Foreigner in your Home Land- how exciting could that be? Or would it be just HURT or just like any other love experience!


In love with a foreigner, making love to a foreigner. Many girls wish that such fantasies come true! 


A French Kisser, an American Lover and a Passionate Turkish….what a fantasy. 


Sherry Minhaj had the same fantasies from her puberty days. Brought up in the wilds of West Africa, of Indian Origin, she had dreams like any other girl dreams.


While in West Africa, till the age of 12, she was admired by the young local men. She liked it, but from a distance. As she grew older, her family flew back to India, her Home grounds.


A new struggle for Sherry with the environment and the weather. The weather was hotter than ever thought, and the environment had people who just were busy with everybody else’s business and personal lives. However, for Sherry, she hardly cared. She lived in her own world of keeping herself busy. She kept busy with studies, house chores and fantasizing a foreigner man in her life someday. Growing up she turned out to be 5 feet 5 inches with a sexy curvy body, that men would die to have anyday.


Sherry completed her higher education with flying colours, and then started a new journey of her career. She came across handsome men, loathing men, lovable men, adorable men, but none of them interested her as much as a man not from Home grounds. Getting such men was not easy. Her friends used to tell her, that such men don’t trust local females very easily. So, finally she decided to start the Dating App option and try her luck there. Finally after registering with a few dating apps, she got lucky by making a connection with a foreigner.


The Foreigner was from the Middle East, a divorced businessman and handsome with the most soft and beautiful lips ever seen by Sherry. Oh! She really wished to kiss those lips. They finally met for coffee. Not was he only good looking, but with his broken English he was amazingly attractive and cute. Slightly taller than Sherry but a few years younger to her. They had an instant connection. He dropped her home, and planned to meet again. They met after 2 days in another restaurant, and then after the third meeting, Sherry invited him home for a cup of tea. Seated so close to each other, he took permission to kiss her. After a few moments of the first kiss on her lips by a foreigner, Sherry found herself in a different world altogether, a world of French, American and Passion. They made love like never before. He completely took her breath away. The freshness in every move they made, was breathless every moment.


They had this affair for around 2 months, after which he had to go back to his home grounds. He promised to keep in touch. They kept in touch on Whatsapp. Initially it was frequent, later it became irregular. Sherry then met with an accident, which changed everything. During her accident recovery days, he met his wife and kids in America, and brought them to his country. After knowing all of this, Sherry thought, at least one of them is trying to settle down and be with family.


Sherry kept a distance then, and stopped contacting. One day, surprisingly he messaged on Eid and asked about her and her family. She was surprised, but replied.


He told her that his family could not stay and they went back to the USA. It was sad for him, as he loved his daughters very much.


Recently, he messaged that he is in India  for a short stay and wants to meet. Sherry first avoided, but her heart could not stop her. She finally agreed to meet for a cup of coffee at a Mall. She waited for him but not sure what next then?


He came with one of his friends, and that put her off. She just could not talk much. He looked shabby and slightly put on weight. Smoking regular as usual, and just thinking of him and his problems.


Sherry clearly said, that it was never any expectations involved in their relationship, apart from a little communication. No communication means, no interest.


He just apologised, and asked about the accident and the recovery. He asked about family and Sherry’s kids, but, Sherry was feeling Cold with him and could not feel the warmth.


In an hour of coffee session, Sherry felt uncomfortable and wanted to leave. He arranged the drop by his driver. He tried to support her while walking with the support stick, but Sherry was feeling offended and estranged.


Finally, no french kiss, american lover or passionate love matters, the only thing that matters is how your heart and soul responds to any man who really cares for you and respects you for who you are.


All the foreign activities on home grounds are of no value, if the heart does not participate.


He still looked at her with innocent eyes, but Sherry just walked away!


After 2 days of this meeting, he messaged Sherry of her well-being and wanted to meet again. On one hand, Sherry was disturbed with the way he had treated her, but on the other hand she liked him somehow and missed him.


She could not say no to another meeting, but promised herself that she would not allow him to touch her again, till the time he realises what damage he had done.


They met at a Community Center, where in fact she had to wait for him for around 45 minutes. Those 45 minutes were like she was being stood up. “What a humiliation finally!”, she thought.


She was about to leave, when he finally showed up. They had the same lebanese Shawarma at the usual place where they had met during the initial dating days.


While eating, they were most of the time quiet. They had nothing to talk about. That one hour killed her from inside.


She wanted to embrace him, but upset with the treatment from him, she refrained from any topic and discussion. After the shawarma, he asked her whether ice-cream would be good. She agreed.


They had strawberry flavored ice cream at Mcdonalds, which was again a disaster. Sherry never liked this flavor, and he kept saying that he recalled clearly her loving this flavor.


Completely turned off, Sherry booked a cab back home. After she reached, she received a message that it is better they both go our separate ways, as both are busy with their individual responsibilities and life.


She agreed and it was finally a Good Bye! Another goodbye to a love-prospect. It was another end of a story, but this time a foreign story!


Submitted: August 04, 2019

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