Unknown Footsteps

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

Fun Halloween story that will five you chills up your spine...Enjoy!!

“One, two, three”, Penelope counted.  

We are playing hide-and-seek at my friend Penelope’s big old scary house. I didn’t want to play, but my friends insisted on me tagging along. They’ve been planning this Halloween weekend for as long as I can remember. They want it to be scary, but fun at the same time.

I just wanted to stay home and sleep.

See, this house is kind of creepy. A few years ago Penelope’s family decided to  get together to celebrate Halloween, but she couldn’t make it since she was having a sleepover at my house.

 So, back to the story I was telling.

They were all at the table eating, when suddenly the lights went out. They waited for a few seconds, when they heard a scream coming from outside. Penelope’s family were all too scared to get up so they voted for her uncle to get up and go check what was going on, but he never came back. We never new why or how, because nobody found his body, but people say that he disappeared into the night.

Ever since then, people don’t really visit her house, because it is said that her uncle is still out there coming every Halloween to get revenge on his family, because it’s their fault he disappeared and he will kill everyone standing in his way.

But here I was with my friends, spending Halloween in this house. They aren’t scared of anything and they all think the story isn’t real. Penelope thinks her uncle just ran off for an unknown reason.

I was looking around for a good hiding spot. My other friends, Jessica and Melody were probably already hidden somewhere in the house. I finally decided to hide behind the living room door, since I was running out of time. Penelope stopped counting and I could hear a deadly silence inside the house. Then, I heard her footsteps coming towards me.

“How does she do that?” I was thinking to myself. “She always knows where to come look for me.”

But, as the steps were getting closer, I started to realize that those weren’t Penelope’s footsteps. Hers are much softer, kinder, and more fairylike. These footsteps were heavier, determined and louder.

Then, suddenly, they stopped and for a moment, you couldn’t hear anything except the breathing of this mysterious unknown person. Icy shivers were going down my back and I was so scared, that I even stopped breathing for a few seconds.

Then, they started-up again.

The footsteps were coming closer and closer, when they came to a final stop. The person flung open the door.

Just like I feared, it wasn’t Penelope’s short and skinny silhouette. Instead, there was a tall dark man with a broken nose: Penelope’s uncle.

Fear entered my whole body. I didn’t know where to turn or what to do; I was completely frozen, from head to toe.

When he noticed me, he immediately raised his hand, in which he had a knife. I realized what he was about to do. He wanted to stab me.

As I started running, heading upstairs to find my friends, terrifying thoughts came through my mind. What if he had killed them? But no, he couldn’t. It was impossible; things like this don’t happen to me. “It’s just a dream.” I said to myself. “I’m going to wake up in my bed, and everything is going to be just fine.”

So then why am I not waking up? I was so cold and shivering, I could barely run. When I finally arrived to Penelope’s bedroom, I froze in front of the door, I had another terrifying thought. What if there are others, waiting, in that room, to kill me?

I remembered a movie I saw, where this girl was being followed by someone in the streets. When she got home, she thought everything was okay. She flung the door shut, turned around and saw the same man who was following her around earlier. She tried to scream, but before anything came out of her mouth, he had shot her.“So even when you think you’re safe, you’re not”, I thought.

I tried turning the doorknob to open the door, but my hands were shaking and the cold shivers were coming back, but this time they were everywhere. So I gathered my courage and I opened the door at once.

What I saw next couldn’t be described. It’s the most disgusting and horrible thing in the world.

They were the corpses of my three best friends, lying on the ground in a bloodbath. The windows were opened, and I could feel the cold air on my cheeks.

I was so terrified; I just wanted it to be a bad nightmare. But it wasn’t, and I knew it in my heart.

And then I heard them again.

Those same footsteps that were downstairs just a while ago, except now they seemed even heavier than last time.

As scared as I was, I turned around to face the cruel man who had destroyed the future of my friends.

“Happy Halloween”, he said in a loud, husky voice.

And then I felt something in my stomach, just as if someone put a knife through it, when I realized that man had stabbed me.

And then everything went black.

Submitted: October 02, 2011

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