What a wonderfull year...Not!

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Hope Edwards is starting a new year at her school...of wizards.

Submitted: October 01, 2011

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Submitted: October 01, 2011



“This year will be different”, I told myself. “No more embarrassing situations, no more awkward moments. No, this year, I will be popular.”

I’m Hope Edwards, a normal high school girl trying to fit in. You see, I go to Wiz Valley High School. You might think it’s a normal high school with cheerleaders, football players bla, bla, bla. Well, it is but not quite. We, at Wiz Valley are all special. Not like mental problems special, like wizard special. Yes, we’re all wizards. I know it’s weird but it’s also kind of cool, because instead of math we have levitation classes and instead of English, we have potion classes.

You’re probably thinking it’s a school like in Harry Potter or something, but let me be the first to tell, you it’s not. First of all, Harry Potter isn’t real. And second we’re not battling dark forces of evil and all that other nonsense stuff. We can use our magic to do whatever we want, whenever we want without any consequences.

But just because I’m a wizard, doesn’t mean I have everything easier. Sure I can make my bed faster and I can rewind time, but still, high school is bad for me. I’m little Miss invisible who no one even knows I exist, except my best friend Jerry. He’s like the brother I should have had, but instead I got a sister who thinks she’s a princess. Literally, she walks around wearing a crown with sparkling diamonds. She’s Tiffany, the school cheerleader, dating the football quarterback, has all the nice clothes, expensive jewellery... has a perfect life except she doesn’t have any powers. She’s completely human and hates me for that. But she’ll get over it one day.

Anyways, back to my problem.

Today is the first day of school and I’ve been standing in front of my wardrobe for at least forty-five minutes now. But I don’t know what to wear with my dark denim jeans. My red strapless shirt or my purple tank top?

“Oh I’ll just go with my purple top since it matches my new shoes”, I said to myself.

So, I ran downstairs, got a bagel and told my mom I was heading out. As I was turning around, I bumped into Jerry.

“Hey Jerr, are you ready for school?” I asked him.

“As ready as I’ll ever be”, he replied.

He’s just like me, Mr. Invisible, but at least he isn’t as shy as I am.

“So”, he began as we’re walking to school, “are you ready to see Kim and Max this year?”

Kim and Max are twins, the most powerful wizards at our school. They think they’re the ones in charge of everything, just because they’re dad is the Wizball champion.

Oh, you don’t know what Wizball is. Well, it’s a sport where you have to throw as many balls as you can into a moving black hole with the help of your wand. Personally, I think it’s weird just sitting there in front of the TV for two hours and watching someone throw balls in a hole, but it’s the official wizard sport.

“Don’t remind me”, I said. “I can’t stand them. They think they’re so popular, but wait until you hear my plan to get popular”.

“That’s funny. You. Popular. Those two words do not go in the same sentence. You’re too shy to raise up your hand in class, because you have to go pee. You’d rather pee yourself... Just like in fifth grade. Oh how I love the start of school. Reminds me of all those embarrassing moments you thought everyone forgot.”

I had forgotten the “little” accident I had in first grade.

I was in class, sitting on my magic carpet, when suddenly Jerry started telling me a joke. I started laughing so hard that I peed myself. Everyone saw and by the end of the day, you could read all about it on Wizbook (which is a social site for wizards).

And even today, Jerry will not agree with me that it was all his fault. But that isn’t the only embarrassing moment I had. Oh no, I have those daily. I don’t even get summer breaks from humiliation.

“Very funny, but this summer I observed my sister and I have learned everything there is to know about being popular.”

“Whatever”, Jerry said. “Our school is full of weird people.”

“No it is not. You just don’t understand”, I shouted back.

Just then, we arrived at our school, which, I don’t know if I told you already, is hidden from human eyes. Only wizards can see it.

And as I opened the door I saw what I thought never even existed, something I never believed in, and something I couldn’t ever describe to you.

I completely froze and me jaw dropped as I was looking around the room.

And then I thought about what Jerry had said and I reconsidered it.

Maybe our school is full of weird people.




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