A Cuppa In The Morning

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Hope you enjoy on why adults do this daily routine because honestly I wanted to know this answer to this question. I hope you like it because It is completely orginal

Submitted: December 27, 2011

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Submitted: December 27, 2011



A cuppa in the morning drinks all your troubles away I always thought.

I thought it relieves the hang-over from the last night.

Drinking a cup of tea in the morning, is it an addiction to the large popularity that does it everyday?

It's like a daily routine in the morning for adults but why do they do it?

I shall now ask my mum about why she does this habit in the wet and cold mornings of Winter and the hot warm mornings of Summer:

I asked "Mum why do you drink tea's in the morning?'

My mum replied "Well, it's because I am thirsty, and it gives me energy'

Then I asked my dad the same question but put coffee in the question because my dad does not drink tea , he replied:

"To make my mouth kind of easy to adapt during the food I will take during the day"

meaning to stimulate his tongue spores on the taste that is about to come.

Well I shall never understand about the thirst part! Why can't they have juice, water ..etc?

I hope now that this helped you out on why it's such an addiction for so many adults.

I am hoping to write a Story with the title: A Cuppa In The Morning 

But I will get on into doing that later on.....

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