Door 61

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This book is about a mad family who happens to be Megan Carter's neighbors. This mystic family is always up two no good, they try everything possible to get rid of Megan Carter from what she knows about the Smiths family next door. On the eve of halloween The Smiths reveal what they really are to Megan which means there will be blood on Door 61 for Megan.

Submitted: December 26, 2011

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Submitted: December 26, 2011



It was the night, Halloween Eve in Balloway. "Bye sweetie, don't forget if your hungry ask Gaynor if she can make you something okay, see you tomorrow morning!" shouted Megans mother as her and her father left on a business trip and won't be back until morning. Gaynor was Megan's neighbour in house 61 that promised to baby sit for the night. Gaynor was an 'old hag' who hated children but who was a benefit fraud that would do anything for the money. She had greasy white hair and always had a hump on her back since the day she was born, she says, but who would beleive the nasty flea-bag anyway with her cackle of a voice she has. She is married to a strange man called Michael who is twenty years younger than his horrid wife who also hated children. He had short black shaggy hair who never smiled, he was tall but forever falling over from his drunk ness. Michael had a brother called Jamie who seemed harmless but was always quiet, to quiet,who wouldn't dare to speak, but no-one knew why, he had a deep red scar across his pale cheek on his face but how did it get there? He was like a servant to the creepy couple. They lived in a gothic home that was black and blood red all over, everybody was truly scared of them accept from the twelve year old girl Megan who had lovely brown hair with light blonde highlights. She had deep blue eyes with silky caramel skin who was very eager to find out what this family has done to the children that the family has baby-sited.

There has been twelve deaths of the poor children left in the Smiths home. The family claims they fell down the stairs or drowned in the bath or even choked to death, but Megan believes to find out how the children actually died because of the huge amount of deaths is quite out or the ordinary, with that Megan wants to risk her own life in order to find out the truth so bad that she insisted to her parents that they were the family who she wanted to baby-sit her.

She was shown to her room upstairs on the third floor by Gaynor and Jamie. They locked the grey white muddydoor shut behind her. Only then Megan began to feel just a little bit scared. She was Starving, while she got settled she seen bright red blood spots on the rugged wooden floor and on thedecayed green wall. She sat on the single dusty bed in the middle of the small room. She heard creaky footsteps coming up the rigid staircase toward her room. She quickly took out a book from her bag and opened it halfway. Michael came in with rotten fried chips "I see your hungry, why not have a bite out of these mind-blowing chips, they will take your breath away" Megan had to think fast, maybe it would take your breathing away or would actually blew peoples minds to bitsshe thought. "Well you see, I actually ate before coming here" Gaynor came up and said in her cackling old granny's voice "Well if your not hungry then how about a nice hot bath?" Megan knew what she was planning so she quickly replied saying "Well okay then but let me just pop next door to my house and get my bath things" Michael frowned and demanded "How will you get in without any keys my dear? certainly our shampoo and bath oils are fine to use." They were desperate to keep her locked inside like a prison. Megan had no phone to call her parents and no brothers or sisters to come and help her get out of this trap.

She convinced them that her doctor gave her shampoo prescription for her hair so she must have it too shampoo with or she cannot bath. They unlocked the heavy chained door and let her out with a warning "if you don't come back withinfive minutes you will never see the break of dawn, got it?" By this comment surprisingly she was not scared and took out the keys from her pocket and unlocked her door and went in locking the door behind her. She ran to the phone in her living room, she looked at the clock, it was midnight, she wasted not a moment more and rang her mother. "Mum! You got to get home now! the Smiths are trying to kill me!"

"Oh Megan there is nothing to be scared of! They're just normal people like us, and why are you in the house Ithought they were looking after you?"

"I am not going anywhere near there house ever again! There is blood spots everywhere in my room which they tried to lock me in! Please come home now!"

"Hunny your father and I are ten minutes away do you think you can wait for that long?"

There was a huge bang on the door.

"Mum they are battering down the door they're breaking in!"

Later that night Mrs and Mr Carter came home to find there little girl at the bottom of the stairs with blood dripping from her face. The Smiths were arrested all accept for Jamie. He escaped, knowing that he was free and done nothing wrong he moved to the North of Norwalio. Megan was rushed to hospital, luckily still alive with a broken collarbone and full of bruises and cuts. Michael and Gaynor were under suspicion of murder of the young twelve children and accused of pushing Megan down the stairs and wasalso arrested for benifit fraud. Why did they do it? To get money from baby-sitting? To get back at the parents? Actually No-one knows why!But the police did find the blood spots and they alsofound a diary written byJamie and ever since the first death they found out why they were killed and who was the murderer. Jamie was a slave and now he is free to live his life, howeverhe is still under arrest in suspicion of thr murdersbut now will the ghosts ofthe dead children come and haunt Gaynor and Michael for the rest of their lives? Yes, yes they will!

"Micheal you idiot look at what you done to us! Were in jail and it's all you fault you rat of a husband!"

"Dont you dare put the blame on me when it was both of us that did the crime! If we ever get out of this dont ever ask me for any favors because you can get stuffed!"

"Oh I dont care, I want a divorse!"

Ten minutes later...



"Do you see what I see?" said both of them at the same time.

It was the twelve ghost children coming back to torture them!

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