Behind This Mask

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What is hidden behind this mask

Submitted: October 28, 2011

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Submitted: October 28, 2011




Lonely, so alone

In this big empty room

Looking for somebody

To release me from this doom

Crying into my pillow

Quiet, someone may hear

I bury under my covers

Wiping away each tear

I glance at my reflection

Who is this girl I see?

Her eyes are dark and sad

Is this really me?

Searching for an answer,

Begging in my prayers

What is this darkness that fills me?

Tell me, why is it there?

As I say goodnight

They gaze into my eyes

Checking if I will be safe

Wanting to know if I am alright

And what can I tell them?

That I am unsure,

That I hope I will give in

And wake up no more

They do not want to hear this

And so this is why I lie

I tell them I am fine

When I really yearn to cry

So I walk slowly to my room

In which all my sadness is revealed

And my cries cannot be heard

I wish soon I will be healed.


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