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Submitted: December 07, 2011

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Submitted: December 07, 2011




Worries, nerves, confusion

Is of what my life consists

Anxiety building up

Until tears cannot resist

Lying to loved ones

So my true feelings are not found out

But then they are uncovered

And revealed is my doubt


Causing pain and hurt

Appears to be my aim

For whenever I tell the truth

They say they are to blame

But deep down inside

I know this is untrue

They do not cause my problems

It is me; I do


So now alone I cannot be

As they worry in their minds

That they will awake

And death they shall find

That I cannot fault

As I would be the same

But it leaves me sad

And so causes greater pain


Sitting in my room

I worry about the next day

Stupid, pathetic worries

But they drive me insane

How I wish I could have done it

That I could have seen it through

That night still haunts me

And I wish that were not true


A cry for help saved me

But I wish I had been strong

Strong enough to resist the urge

To bring me help along

A stressful night and day

And it did not help at all

All it did was reveal the truth

And make me feel so small


Help me, save me, I cry

To the emptiness of my room

The tears fall now I am alone

I hope death comes for me soon.

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