Sometimes You Just Need A Friend

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A girl who was went unnoticed, nobody cared about her or stopped to think about her. She died alone young, with no friends there.

Submitted: September 25, 2009

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Submitted: September 25, 2009



You don't know what it feels like
To be left all on your own
You don't know how it feels
To sit waiting by the phone
And you don't know how it feels to be the only one out there;

Waiting for a dream to come true
But you know this life's not for you
And why can't anybody see
That life's not all that easy.
It's not the same when you're walking by yourself
It doesn't feel the same to be your only company;

With no one waiting at those gates
No one cares if you're let out late
'Coz they don't feel the way you do
Theydon't feel the pain you go through;

Just trying to get up each day
Why won't theaching go away;
She don't act the way they do
She don't fit into all the 'crews'
Maybe it's because she's just a bit different
But that don't mean they're gonna listen;

Can't somebody come and stay
Can't somebody learn to say
That the new girl needs a friend
She needs someone there right til the end;

But when that day decided to come
The girl was alone, in her room
Nobody came,making her death unknown;
This may teach some to stop and care
That life is not just about looks but prayers
And this girl never had the chance
To be happy, and make a friend.

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