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Submitted: July 17, 2014

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Submitted: July 17, 2014



Figuring out what's in my head screaming aloud. Only way to get peace is getting high flying to a cloud. Been to hell and back in my head. Pulling off the dead skin from trying to shed. Been doing what's right and I aint going to without a fight. You come at me be ready cause only bitches flea. Those birds around your head body's feeling death while I watch you take your last breath. 

Call me psycho cause I don't wanna be normal. I know I got a good soul but god damn why do I always fail for the right moral. Never lied just cause it'll leave behind that something in me still tried. 

I feel your presence and I want more. Closing my eyes seeing you an me by the shore. I'll keep it up so I can make our wishes come true. Be ready to witness a break thru. He's showing me the clue. 

Held back by bullshit just because I fell in love with a clit. Shit happens for the best. Everything is just a test. I'm already stating my quest. Only question is can I bless you with endless love and nothing less. 




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