Corporation Takedown

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Written 2010 when thinking of the corruption of our current capitalist system. It has been misused for so long, and many are no reliant on it. But it is possible to deviate to a better path.
The song itself starts off metalish than ends with a rap. I sorta had Never Let You Go by Third-Eye Blind stuck in my head at the time and it ended like that, so I thought 'What the hell?'
It's an experimental mix of several forms with a blunt message. Builds up, hits crescendo midway through the straight form, then slows until the rap, then builds again until it just chills out at 'CEO..'

Submitted: February 11, 2012

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Submitted: February 11, 2012




Rich man gets driven through the ghetto, cigar between his teeth,

sees the family carrying bags, walking through the streets.

He sits in the back of his Cadillac, ignoring all the strife.

The cause is simple; they have no money, therefore no life.

We are the lucky bastards, living in the rich country that owns all the say.

We’re in a nation that sees money as the only way.


To live

There’s got to be more than cash

To give

We shall rise from the ash.



We’re calling out to you




They fuel us, they control us.

Please fight before they own us.

We buy to live, we live to buy,

its overconsumption that drives the monsters seeking to rule the hive.

Lobbyists lobby. Man, where’s the gov?

The dollar’s integrity overpowered. Man, where’s the love?


We are the fuel

this machine needs.

To live

To thrive

To exist

To feed


To live

There’s got to be more than cash

To give

We shall rise from the ash



Stay locally owned and grown


Too much power they own


Money rules the world


They rule the world


They got the business, they got the cash,

but we have the power to make them crash.

Buy local, defy corp. moguls, and the release from the chokehold appears.


To live

There’s got to be more than cash

To give

Rise now from the ash


We buy to live,

we live to buy,

overconsumption fuels,

the monsters seeking to rule the hive

The American way,

Man where’s our pride,

controlled by products,

they just thrive and thrive.

Some good some bad,

I’ll admit it’s so,

but it’s still sad.

Cause the bad has been left alone.

Like brambles like weeds these companies of tobacco of oil of fatty disease their lobbyists lobby so the government cannot seeBut we can do it lets cut to the chase lesson corporation power turn them about-face. No plastic, stay all cash. Healthy food, not fast. Less gas more bike. Outsourced corps take a hike! Stop tobacco in time damn cigs should be a crime.

CEO man get in line[start a fadeout]

U with us now

U ain’t worth a dime more than us

We equals

Dreamin’ for a sequel

Much better than the prequel

Corporation takedown

We’ll cause a breakdown

Slam money facedown

Spread all the wealth around

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