Miracle Workers

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A history of Miracle Workers

Submitted: May 31, 2012

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Submitted: May 31, 2012




The term ‘miracle worker’ is used often and inaccurately to describe a humanitarian or someone who performs a routine service on or for someone else who ‘beats the odds’ at something, be it a serious illness or a sporting game. For instance, you may hear the phrase, ‘The Pope is a miracle worker.’ This is not true. The Pope is a man who wears an unnecessarily gigantic hat who symbolizes hope and good faith to many millions of people. But he does not perform miracles; he simply gives people symbolic reason for accomplishments. A real miracle worker is an employee at Miracle Workers Anonymous™, a secret non-profit organization that globally helps terminal or disabled people the chance at life again.

MWA™ was founded in ancient times by a group of Gifted Ones. The Gifted Ones had discovered that they could cure sicknesses by transferring them to themselves or by translating it to something more bearable and passing it to a stronger person, or both, if possible, and were blessed with longevity twice that of normal humans. Those that had been deathly sick could be cured and would recover and regain strength in the matter of a day to a few weeks. They organized themselves and cast out to inhabit villages and towns all over, using their gift to perform healings deemed impossible by others. They soon gained reputation and were worshiped even, by their peers.

However, it soon became apparent that there was a serious problem. By transferring these illnesses upon themselves, the Gifted Ones hurried their own death. It came to be that each Gifted would only cure two to three illnesses before dying themselves. Finally, the was a second gathering of a few young Gifteds in the growing city of London, England, around the year 1330 (the date is uncertain, but records show that it happened in the mid-early 12th century), who decided to form an organization of those with the Gift, and start recruiting more Gifteds at an early age to join the society. Thus MWA™ was formed.

The London Summit had to resolve the pressing issue of the constant deaths as well. Over half of those present were in failing health! After days of debate, it was decided that in order to maintain the organization a change in strategy must be made. The Gifteds decided to start practicing the transfer of illness to a third party. The person selected to receive the illness must either be terminal without hope, or volunteer to have the illness reduced to a recoverable nature in someone strong enough to endure it. With these guidelines set, the London Gifted Ones dispersed across the world to start their mission.

After a few years, people started noticing the new practice of these miracle workers. Mobs gathered all over to destroy these ‘barbarians’ who spread sickness wherever they went. They failed to notice any of the good that happened as well. Gifted Ones became hunted, and many died by the stake, torches, or drowning. Again, something had to change. The Gifted Ones started to do their methods of recruiting and transferring discretely. In many regions, they became mysterious saviors, never seen except by those they helped and those they chose to present themselves to, in hope of finding someone willing to shoulder the burden of the third party. In other places, the ‘witch hunts’ still occurred with enthusiasm, but the secrecy of the Gifted Ones made them difficult to track, and more often than not the victim of the mob would be an unfortunate bystander or someone not involved at all.

A network of those who were healed and those who were able to help was formed in this time as well, in the 1600’s. It was even discovered that is the third party person has a recoverable illness themselves, it would in effect cancel out with the terminal illness; the recoverable one would disappear while the terminal illness became so mild it was easily defeated. However, two terminal illnesses would not play back on themselves. One would stay at the same level of strength or even grow if a Gifted tried to transfer two at once.

The organization had grown to all populated continents by this time, and was so dispersed that there was no banner which all the Gifted Ones flew under, though often secret organizations started in countries or surrounding regions. They all started working repeats, coming back to people they cured or involved to help cure more. Third Party persons would endure many transfers of sickness, through willingness to help that was often rooted in gratitude of having once been saved personally or having a loved one saved. And so the modern technique of Networking was formed, and has gone on successfully ever since.

In the early 1900’s it became apparent to every group that like organizations were operating all across the world. The England Gifteds, who knew of the history of the people better than any other through ancient documents, reached out to the major groups on each continent, the Australians, the Moroccan and South African clubs, China and Japan’s network of Gifted Ones, Brazil’s group, and the United States Organization of Miracle Healings, the only group to have titled themselves, to gather and discuss the formation of a world organization.

It was affirmed quickly that it would be a good idea to have all Gifted people be part of the group, in order to maintain and uphold the secrecy of everyone and to help as many people as possible. Each group was to contact surrounding countries and regions after the meeting and spread the umbrella until it covered everyone. In the meeting, leaders found that all organizations had essentially the same practices. England’s organization brought out the original summit’s ancient documents and perused them, formally creating a modern version as base rules for the practices of all. Added were the terms of networking and reusing those who had previously been healed, and a law that one person could only be involved in three healings not including their own in his or her lifetime. When it came time to name the new organization, all present agreed that they liked the United State’s organization’s name, though it was too long. They decided to shorten it to Miracle Workers, for that was what they were, and also add their position of secrecy into it. Thus, Miracle Workers Anonymous™ came into existence.

A gathering of all the leaders of the factions of MWA™ happens once every ten years still, just to check in and see if any problems have arisen. So far everything has worked smoothly, for none of the third party people would be believed if they came out to the public at this point. People still notice the miracles, and the strange people surrounding them, but it generally is attributed to some religious deity or other, or a scientific wonder; there are a lot of those happening these days anyway, a miracle thrown in here or there doesn’t really show up on the general radar. The public make it easy for us to slip into the quagmire of urban legends. But we’re around still, operating to make life bearable for some and to give hope to others. Not that anyone would believe it if they were told.


-An Anonymous Worker of Miracles

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