Writing About My Relatives!

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I think sharing the humorous world of my family will give you a couple chuckles and snickers after reading, enjoy!

Submitted: January 04, 2015

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Submitted: January 04, 2015



Writing About My Relatives!

[There were crossed out words, but Booksie had failed to put them. If there is a grammar mistake with words, that's probably what used to be a crossed out word. I apologize, I will fix it soon!]


If someone were to ask, 'write about your relatives', they'd most likely get a fifteen-page assignment. About my far-relatives themselves. There is almost no room for more words other than the same ones to describe just one person of them; they're all different in many ways that the word 'different' could not define it. In words, my far family will sound casual. In experience, my far family is far-fetched. That's why I have to write with much sense, so the reader can actually relate, or understand. Now, let the marathon begin! 

Before actually starting the literacy-family-marathon, I need to explain the basics: my family--the one *I'm overly proud to be* living in currently. It cues with my father and mother. The father being the laid-back on children, easily-angered, funny mix, and the mother being the strict-on-money, kind of funny, understanding mix. (Opposites attract, right?) As the normal parents being their mixes, my father is a very caring person, but is like...I'm a little...weird in saying this, but probably...a 'tsundere'. This is the character stereotype for easily angered people. Hot heads, those guys...but show their sweet side sometimes. My mother is kind of the same, kind of different...you know, the mom instinct and such. 

There are my brothers. I have two, and waiting for another unknown gendered one to be delivered to us. On the spot, I nicknamed us the "Major, Mild, & Minor". Our name is quite self-explanatory...and we're like the three musketeers that never get along or almost never, ever agree, those siblings in TV shows or comedies. I'm known as the 'Major', since I am first born. My annoying, yet sometimes kind, and funny brother, is called the 'Mild', but is nowhere close to calm. Last but not least, my youngest brother, is topped of as 'Minor'.

'Mild' is the middle, and that name was obviously better sounding {to him~!} than 'Mid', even I thought it was cool...for a while. My bro's the real soccer player, though he's younger, he's a much better player, especially with his team of friends. He's the guy who has no actual talent known other than being funny and soccer-ish. But when I say sense of humor, I actually mean sense of humor. He can make anyone down crack up. To the stupidest jokes ever been recited. Just. With. His. Hilarious. Voice. I keep telling him, comedy and imitating are his talents! 

There's 'Minor'. You know, that little sibling who has to be in every situation that the 'big kids' are in that everyone despises. Even with that he's still a cutie. Unless, you know everything about him, you'll really hate the fact he's sometimes greedy, even for a little poppet. (British reference, come at me!) I can say he has an addiction to technology...smart phones that have YouTube, TV's, computers, general YouTube, etc. He also has a love for Play-Dough, Surprise-Egg-YouTube videos, Dorito chips, and much more. Yeah, I know, he sounds like a pain in the everywhere butt and is. 

Finally, myself. I'm not quite the bragger, but I'm a fine artist and writer. I'm not the best at drawing (though I prefer and do it the most) but will beat any challenger in English literature. Writing is more of an addiction than a hobby, despite drawing. I guess I have a sense in style and a taste because I am told that a lot...but that sounds like bragging, so I must end this awkward paragraph! I have interest in any languages and cultures other than English, since that certain language is very well-known and too familiar. No, seriously, to the point I'd rather listen to music from Japan than America! 

I've now covered my family, but there's still more to go! 

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