The League's Tragedy

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I was playing League of Legends and got a funny poem idea.

Submitted: June 09, 2011

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Submitted: June 09, 2011



Every enemy gather round
Listen to the umbra blades sound
Attack speed fast passive up
Darkness kills so noobs shut up
Stalking silent in my lane
Oh no shit here comes Vayne

Silver of the moon so bright
Kill this shadow in my sight
Tumble down and disappear
Dead Nocturne I'm out of here
Running back to my turret fast
Oh my god there's Kat blast

Shunpo up and ulti dead
Silent screams of laner's dread
Fed Kat gone from turret's eyes
Cocky champ gets a surprise
Urgot kills her just the same
Man that range is kinda lame

And here she comes with ulti now
Dodge the poison shot somehow
Caught the monster in her sight
Urgot dead in a blast of light
When who should come but Heimerdinger
With his turrets up to ping her

Dead from slow is Caitlyn's fate
But the genius is too late
Turn around and who else comes
But Xin Zhoa with mighty war drums
Death from speed near unmatched
Turret missed the final catch

Mordekaiser dots him dead
Only to get shot in the head
Ashe's arrow unseen from the fog
Bursts him dead like a stuffed hog
Overextended and with a gleam
Lux comes in with a lazer beam

Brand was waiting in the brush
Charges in with a fire combo rush
Too much damage now she's gone
To the turret he marches on
Such a pretty big mistake
Cannon fire from the lake

Gangplank's crit is just too much
Crumbles Brand into dust
But who else should arrive
But little Teemo quite alive
Blind and poison the pirate's doom
But in the darkness terror looms

Out of nowhere darting in
Akali downs him with a spin
Use those minions for some health
But charging in with little stealth
Comes the king of poison trail
With so much health he's far from frail

Akali tries with so much might
But never has she seen such a sight
Down he goes with her near dead
But the poison gets to her head
Double ace a mighty score
But now they wait what a chore

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