Like a Star in the Sky

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Ceidon's challenge... I almost forgot to upload it! XP Anyhoo, the required word is paradox. The two objects? Key and Passport. Theme: The unknown can be intriguing.
The first three words are bolded and easy to find! :] I'm pretty sure I made the theme obvious. (I wanted it to be.. X])

Life was boring for “Tricky Lily” Slick. She slipped through life with barely a care and with perfect ease, as she knew all the right tricks and turns. Her teachers loved her, classmates adored her, and she made her parents as proud as they could be.

But nothing was quite good enough for Lily Slick herself.

She sighed one day as she was walking home from school. She kicked a pebble into the road, wondering what she was supposed to do with her life.

Upon coming home, Lily’s eyes widened once she tried pulling on her front door handle. She pulled harder.

The door was locked!

Taking out her house key, Lily felt puzzled and unlocked the door. Normally her mother was home, as she worked the night shift at the hospital.

Ah well, Lily thought. She probably just went shopping or something.

Lily stepped inside her home, and immediately a large flash of light caught her eye.

“What the—“ she exclaimed.

But suddenly… she was gone. Captured by the strange flash of light and transported to a region unknown.

Or, that was what she believed.


Lily dropped onto the cold, rocky ground with a scream.

She pulled herself upwards shakily, glancing at her surroundings. Lily was staring at a pebbly floor with a soft, dark light caressing the ground.

So it’s nighttime? But… it was just the afternoon!

Lily stared into the sky and saw a large, blue star in place of Earth’s moon. Around it were many sharp gleams of light that streaked the sky.

In other words, a meteor shower.


Not only that, but the shooting stars were circling around the large, central star in strange orbits—some zigzagging, some in ovals.

Lily widened her eyes in surprise. This… this was impossible! Scientifically impossible!

Lily carefully took two steps forward, testing to see if this strange world was real or not. Her foot met with solid ground.

What the heck is going on here?

Somebody shouted behind her in some gibberish language that she did not recognize. Yet, at the same time, she did recognize it, as if it were her own language.

She didn’t hear the words… but she understood.

From what Lily could understand, somebody shouted, “Who are you? What are you doing here?”

Lily slowly turned around and saw a silvery girl around her age and was armed with a primitive spear and shield.

“My name is Lily Slick and I have no idea why I am here. I saw this bright flash—“

The girl interrupted her by taking one step closer to Lily. “Are you really Lily Slick?” she asked, narrowing her eyes.

Lily slowly nodded, unsure if this would get her killed or not. “Yes… I am Lily Slick.”

The girl’s jaw dropped. “But—if you really are… How… How did you get here?”

“I saw this bright flash of light when I came home from school and next thing I knew, I was dropped into this world,” Lily calmly replied. “Why do you talk as if you know me?”

The girl’s weapon dropped with a dull clang. She dropped to the ground onto her knees and started kissing the ground before Lily.

Lily raised both eyebrows and asked, “What are you doing?”

The girl barely raised her head, saying, “Oh great Creator, forgive me! I had no idea you would fall into our portal, forgive me, forgive—“

“Portal?” Lily asked incredulously. Her mind began to whir…

“Yes, our portal. A member of our tribe lost something vital to him in your world—his passport.”


“Yes! Passport. It allows him to travel between your world and ours, but since he lost it…”

“He can’t get back?” Lily finished.

“Yes, that is correct, Creator. So I persuaded the Elders to open a portal that allows free transportation between the two worlds, and we were hoping that the member would use his brain and go back to the Creator’s home. But—but! I am so sorry, Creator! We thought we knew how time flowed in your world and that he would get home before you did!”

Lily blinked. “Wait… why do you keep on calling me the ‘Creator’?”

The girl shrugged. “Because you created our world.”

“What?! How could I create something so… fictional?” Lily asked, widening her eyes at the wonders of this strange world.

The girl smiled. “Because, dear Creator, we are in your imagination.”

“My imagination?!”

“Yes. You created this world a long time ago, do you not remember?”

Lily’s face furrowed in thought. A bright blue star hanging in the sky… Beautiful meteor showers streaking through the sky constantly… a glowing tribe in the wilderness… who lived in peace despite the neighboring warring kingdom… the Kingdom of Decks

Lily’s blue eyes grew bigger. Of course! How could she forget? She was so bored that day… so bored…

“Wait, so if I’m in my imagination… Then where am I in my world?”

The girl shrugged. “Inside your imagination inside the real world?”

Lily blinked. A paradox? Lily Slick, stuck in her imagination… Inside her mind… Inside the real world… But stuck in her imagination…

What? Even thinking about it made Lily confused.

Lily shook her head, as if to shake the thought away. “But… how do I get home?”

The girl pointed to the bright star in the sky. “That’s where the portal is always opened.”

“You did this before?!”

“Yes. Your imagination gets crazy ideas, Creator…”

“How do I get up there?”

The girl reached up into the sky and plucked a shooting star out of the sky. It glowed brightly in her hand as she held it tightly.

“Hold this,” she whispered, “and it will take you home.”

The girl carefully gave the shooting star to Lily, who held it with amazed eyes.

The star jerked upwards, making Lily shriek with excitement. It swirled around a few times in the air, giving Lily the distinct familiarity of a roller coaster.

“Goodbye, Creator. If you ever want to come back--!” the girl shouted to Lily.

Lily laughed. Her shooting star was quickly flying towards the Big Blue in the sky.

Lily shouted back to the girl, “Do I just have to imagine it?”

Lily looked down and saw that the girl somehow grew bigger as Lily grew closer to the large, blue star.

The girl nodded.

Lily smiled, looking back into the Big Blue star. She could barely make out the faint images of her living room.

It seemed so normal compared to this world. There was still so much more that she wanted to learn about this world… It was one thing to imagine something, but to experience it?

Completely different.

One thing was for sure, something that was so familiar yet unfamiliar was most interesting.

Submitted: January 21, 2009

© Copyright 2022 little bee. All rights reserved.

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ooh that's creative ^.^ i likeys. =D

Wed, January 21st, 2009 11:57pm


Thanks! :]

Wed, January 21st, 2009 4:50pm


very creative. great job

Mon, January 26th, 2009 2:28am


Thanks. :]

Sun, January 25th, 2009 7:26pm

yuu shindemura

you've got a very vivid mind and imagination, it's really fantastic about the world you described!XD

Thu, March 12th, 2009 3:20pm


Thank you! :]

Thu, March 12th, 2009 3:02pm

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