Tracey in AweLand

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This is a magical story of a girl called Tracey who meets an Elf called FoFo and their adventure in AweLand!

Submitted: June 07, 2015

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Submitted: June 07, 2015



1. Tracey meets FoFo


“Tracey! Your pool’s ready!” yelled Tracey’s dad from the front lawn. “Coming Daddy!” Tracey yelled back from inside the house. She was in her bedroom putting on her swim suit. She ran down the stairs taking two steps at a time. Summer holidays had just begun and Tracey couldn’t wait to paddle around the little pool her dad had made for her.


The day was bright and sunny. Tracey momentarily stopped swimming to watch her daddy mow the lawn. He was moving quickly. The sharp blades of the mowing machine were sending chopped pieces of grass flying in the air. But wait! What is that she saw? Is that a tiny person hiding in the grasses? “Oh!” gasped Tracey. “It’s an Elf! She thought to herself. The Elf was trembling with fear. She looked up in horror. Her dad with his machine was heading straight towards the Elf! Now, we all know that elves are visible only to little children and no one else. There was no way Tracey’s dad could see the elf. Tracey had to do something quick before her dad ran the machine over the poor thing! She yelled “Daddy, STOP!” Tracey’s dad stopped immediately just a few steps away from where the elf was hiding. “What’s wrong dear?” asked her dad. From the corner of her eye, she saw the elf run away into the bushes. She sighed with relief and replied “Daddy, can you please help me out of the pool?” She knew better than to mention an elf to her daddy. He would never believe her.


Later in the day, when Tracey was sitting on the front porch reading a book, she heard a soft timid voice saying “Hello?” She looked in the direction the voice came from and found the Elf standing there! “Hello there!” replied Tracey. The Elf came a little closer and smiled. He was a really tiny person about the size of one’s palm. He was dressed in brown slacks and a green shirt. He had brown boots and a green hat on. “I wanted to thank you for saving my life earlier today” the Elf said. “Oh, I’m very glad I could. My name is Tracey. What’s yours? Are you an elf?” asked Tracey excitedly. “My name is FoFo. Yes, I am an elf. It’s nice to meet you Tracey” replied the Elf. Tracey was so happy! She was talking to an elf! She had so many questions to ask! “Where have you come from FoFo? What were you doing in the lawn?” FoFo seemed to be equally happy. He was beaming as he replied “I come from Aweland. It’s a place in the clouds. I was here to collect colours from your lawn.” “Collect colours? What do you mean? What is AweLand like? Are there more people like you there? Tracey couldn’t stop the stream of questions. FoFo laughed and said “I’ll answer all your questions Tracey. Yes, I was here to collect colours from your land. You see, AweLand has no colours on its own. We collect colours from your land in these” He took something out from his pocket and showed it to Tracey. Tracey thought they looked like Egg Shells but gleaming with different colours! FoFo continued “With these colours we make many more different colours and that is what makes AweLand an extremely beautiful and colourful place. All of us elves live there.” Tracey was so excited hearing this; she wanted to see AweLand for herself. She said “Oh FoFo! Is it possible for me to see AweLand?” FoFo replied “Why sure, my dear. I’ll take you there. You have saved my life after all! But, we cannot leave now. We will leave when it is dark and there is no one to watch us. Is that okay with you?” “Yes! Absolutely! Just tell me the time and the place and I will be ready” said Tracey. “Please be ready at half past eight tonight. Keep the window to your bedroom open. I shall give you a potion that you should drink at eight o’ clock sharp. That will turn you small to the size of elves. Also, remember to put on goggles and carry a scarf. Atria will take us there” said FoFo. “Oooh, I’ll be ready! Thanks so much! Who’s Atria?” asked Tracey. “You’ll see” replied FoFo with a mischievous smile. He thrust a tiny bottle in Tracey’s hand.”Remember to take this potion! See you later!” cried out FoFo as he sprang and disappeared into the grasses.



2. Flying to AweLand


Tracey tried her best to act normal for the rest of the day. It was hard to hide her excitement in front of her parents! She was eagerly waiting for the clock to strike eight. A little before eight, Tracey said goodnight to her parents and ran up to her bedroom. She quickly opened the window, put on her goggles and scarf and opened the bottle FoFo had given her. She gulped down the warm sweet liquid from the bottle and sat down on her bed waiting. She started to feel extremely sleepy and before she knew it she was fast asleep. The next thing she knew was someone shaking her and calling her name “Tracey! Wake up!” She opened her eyes to find FoFo next to her! She looked up at the clock. It was exactly half past eight. Still groggy, she looked around. Everything felt different. She then realized she had shrunk to FoFo’s height! Everything in her room looked gigantic! FoFo continued to shake her. “Are you ready to leave Tracey? We cannot be late!” “Yes, I’m ready. I’ve got everything you asked me” replied Tracey. “Good, lets’ go then” said FoFo. He let out a low shrill whistle. On cue, a beautiful bird came in through the window. “Meet Atria” said FoFo to Tracey. Tracey looked in wonder at the magnificent bird. It was the most astounding bird Tracey had ever seen! Atria had brilliant bright blue and crimson feathers that glimmered when she moved.  She looked absolutely majestic! FoFo hopped onto Atria’s back and called out to Tracey “Come on up Tracey! Here, take my hand”. Tracey got onto Atria’s back and took her place behind FoFo. He gave out another whistle and off! Atria flew right out of the window and into the sky. Tracey could not believe that she was flying! She pinched herself to see if this was just a dream. Ouch! No, it wasn’t! This was real alright! Oh, what a feeling! Yes, the goggles and scarf were proving to be handy against the strong night wind. Atria soared high up in the sky flying effortlessly. They flew higher and higher till all the houses looked like tiny dots to Tracey. After a while, FoFo called out “We are almost there”. Tracey was enjoying the flight so much she wished it would never end. She saw that they were heading towards a giant cloud straight ahead. Atria flew right into the cloud slowing down to land in front of a big golden gate. Tracey was spellbound looking at the gate. It was huge and made entirely of gold with majestic designs at the center. “Here we are!” said FoFo jumping down. He helped Tracey get off Atria. Atria nodded once and took off. “Well, let’s get in!” said FoFo taking Tracey’s hand.


3. In AweLand


“Welcome to AweLand!” said FoFo stepping with Tracey inside the gate. Tracey stood mesmerized by the beauty that lay in front of her. Such a divine sight! Everything around her was so colourful; some colours that Tracey had never seen before! There were many rainbows in the sky; rainbows with more than seven colours! Birds like Atria and other kinds were gliding peacefully in the sky. There were many kinds of trees with fruits and many kinds of flowers, all different from those she had seen on her land. She stood spellbound. The atmosphere was serene, quiet and magically peaceful. It was neither too hot, nor too cold, it was just perfect. She looked around and it was neither too bright, nor too dark. FoFo later told her that it always stayed this way. There were no days, noons, evenings or nights.  “Come on! I’ll show you around” said FoFo holding Tracey’s hand and leading her up a path.

They walked a bit and reached a place that Tracey imagined to be their town. She saw many Elves there like FoFo, all of them engaged in some activity or the other. “What are they doing?” asked Tracey as they were passing by one of the Elves. He looked at her and gave her a shy smile. Tracey smiled back at him. “The most important work for all of us here is to keep our land clean. You will see most of us cleaning the place” said FoFo. Tracey looked around. The place surely was spic and span. There was not a trace of dust or litter around the place. FoFo continued “Other than that, some of us make clothes or shoes or other accessories, and some have the task of collecting colours from other lands and making more here.” “Will you show me the place where you make colours?” asked Tracey excitedly. “I most certainly will! But first, I want to show you where we sleep” replied FoFo bouncing with each step. He was as excited as Tracey. He led Tracey through a path into a dense patch of trees. The trees were tall and canopied. The stems lowered a bit making the space almost enclosed. At the center were what looked like many pea-pods, except they were so huge that an Elf could sleep in it. “This is where we sleep” said FoFo. “Where is your house?” asked Tracey. We don’t have houses here in our land. We work until we are tired. Whenever, we need a break we just take a nap in these said FoFo pointing to the pea-pod. “Would you like to try it?” asked FoFo. Tracey nodded and stepped in gingerly. FoFo asked her to lie down. When she did, the pod started to rock gently and the sides closed in softly around her making her snug and comfy. She felt so utterly peaceful she would have drifted off to sleep immediately were it not for FoFo urging her to get up. They had a lot more to see. They started climbing up a small hill. Tracey saw a sign board saying “Way to the Potion-Lady”. “Who is the Potion-Lady?” asked Tracey.
“My Grandmother, I’m taking you to meet her. She makes potions!” replied FoFo with a grin.


4. Tea with Potion-Lady


When they reached the top of the hill, Tracey saw FoFo’s grandmother standing in front of a huge cauldron, mixing the contents furiously. She was a lovely old Elf with gray hair that she had tied up in a bun. She was wearing moon shaped spectacles, a magenta robe with silver lines, an apron and wooden shoes. She had a spoon in one hand and in the other hand she had a bottle whose contents she was emptying into the cauldron. “Grandma! Look who’s here to meet you!” cried out FoFo. FoFo’s grandmother looked up and smiled sweetly at Tracey. FoFo introduced Tracey to her. “Hello Tracey. I am very pleased to meet you. I am known as the Potion-Lady by everyone, but please call me grandma” she said. “That’s very kind of you Grandma” said Tracey shyly. “Let’s sit down” said Grandma putting the spoon and bottle down. There were a few bean shaped stools at the side. She directed FoFo and Tracey to them and asked them to sit down. Tracey sat in the slight dent in the middle of the stool. Immediately the sides of the stool gently enclosed her. It was so comfortable! “Would you like to have some tea?” asked Grandma. “Yes please” replied Tracey. While grandma busied herself making tea, FoFo said “Grandma is the only potion maker in our land. Everyone calls her the potion-lady. Whenever, anyone needs any kind of potion, they come straight to her”. Tracey was very interested to know more. Grandma smiled as she came walking towards them with tea and something to eat in a tray. She put the tray down in front of them. Tracey noticed the tea was not in cups but instead in the hollow of bright red flowers! Tracey also saw the fruits kept in the tray were the same kinds she had seen on the trees. “Please help yourself Tracey” said grandma. Tracey took the red flower and drank a sip of tea. It was the most beautiful drink she had ever had. “It’s lovely grandma, thank you” said Tracey. “What kind of potions do you make Grandma?” asked Tracey. “I make potions of all kinds, my dear” replied Grandma “Most of them are for good health, like if someone is sick or has caught a cold. Some potions that I make have healing properties, like if someone is hurt. And then again, there are some potions that I make that have magical properties. Like the one you drank, it made you grow small in size.” Tracey was listening wide-eyed. Pointing to the fruits in front of Tracey, she added “Please try some basha’s.” Tracey helped herself to a basha. It was about the size and shape of a tennis ball. It was fiery orange like the colour of sunset. It was smooth and felt like silk to Tracey’s fingers. She took a bite. Oh! It was heaven! So soft, sweet and juicy! The bite required no chewing! Once in the moth, it almost turned to the sweetest nectar. Grandma asked Tracey “What do you people eat and drink? What do you people do? What is your land like?” Tracey shared everything in as much detail as she could. Grandma was very pleased. FoFo said “We need to go now Grandma. There is a lot more I have to show Tracey before we head back to her land.” FoFo and Tracey got up to leave. Grandma reached into her pocket and said “You are a sweet child Tracey. I want you to have this”. She pulled out a string of the most beautiful colourful stones and put it around Tracey’s wrist. Tracey gasped “Oh, Grandma! It’s so beautiful! Thank you so much!” she said and hugged Grandma. After they said their goodbyes they started their way down the hill. “To the Colour Orb!” said FoFo taking Tracey’s hand laughing and running down the hill.


5. The Colour Orb


The walk to the Orb was slightly long. FoFo and Tracey spoke about their childhood and their families. After quite a walk, they reached the Orb. Tracey saw a magnificent, huge round shaped structure in front of her. It emitted soft luminous lights of different colours. It was a breath taking sight! “Let’s go in!” said FoFo. He stood in front of the Orb and said his name out aloud. “Only a few of us can enter in here. It’s only the colour collectors that have access inside the Orb. But, since you are with me, it is okay” explained FoFo. A voice from inside the Orb said “Who is that with you?” FoFo replied “Tracey, she is a friend. It’s alright”. A second later, a square portion of the ground in front of FoFo and Tracey collapsed making the mouth of a stairway visible. “We have to go underneath down these stairs and climb up another fleet to enter the Orb” said FoFo. There were no doors and windows to the Orb. This was the way the Elves entered. “Whose voice was that?” asked Tracey while they were climbing down the stairs. “Why, that was the Orb!” replied FoFo. “Oh! A talking Orb! How amazing!” thought Tracey to herself. They climbed the stairs and soon were within the Orb. Inside, it looked much bigger to Tracey than what she had imagined it to be from the outside. Lined along one side of the spherical wall were many small sized drawers of sorts. FoFo and Tracey walked up to them. “Watch this” said FoFo as he started to remove the egg shaped containers from his pockets. One by One, he emptied the contents in different drawers. Tracey watched intently. In about a minute a translucent pouch dropped to the floor from an opening Tracey had not noticed before. FoFo opened the pouch and asked Tracey to glance inside. The pouch had some kind of a powder. But the colour was very different. Tracey had never seen such a colour. It was beautiful. FoFo explained “This is the colour-dust, made by the Orb’s powers. Now, if I sprinkle some dust onto an object, it will instantly take this colour. Allow me to show you. Can I have your scarf?” he asked. Tracey took the scarf from around her neck and handed it over to FoFo. FoFo sprinkled a little colour-dust on it and lo! And behold! Tracey’s scarf took on that colour immediately! She was really happy. “Why, this looks splendid FoFo! Thank you!” exclaimed Tracey. FoFo smiled and said “You’re welcome Tracey. We had better make a move now. There is something I really want you to see!” FoFo hurried with Tracey out of the Orb. The Orb wished them goodbye while they were getting out. “Where are we going now?” asked Tracey watching a really excited FoFo. “You’ll know soon enough! But I want it to be a surprise! Please let me blindfold you!” said FoFo. Tracey was very curious but let him blindfold her. FoFo then once again took her hand and started to walk.


6. The Unicorn Ride!


Now, we all know how little girls absolutely love Unicorns. FoFo had planned a Unicorn ride for Tracey! On reaching the place FoFo remarked “Here we are Tracey. Are you ready for the surprise?” Tracey could not conceal her excitement. She squealed “Yes! I am ever so ready!” FoFo then slowly took off her blindfold saying “Look right in front of you”. Tracey opened her eyes. She could not believe what she saw! She stared first in shock and then in pure happiness. In front of her was a real Unicorn! And what a beautiful one too! The Unicorn was as white as milk. It had silver hooves.  Its horn, mane and tail were multi-coloured. “Hello there, young lady! Hello FoFo” said the Unicorn. “Oh!” gasped Tracey! A talking Unicorn! “Hello” replied FoFo. “My name is Trisha. What’s yours?” asked the Unicorn to Tracey. Tracey looked with astonishment at Trisha. A talking Unicorn! FoFo was smiling ear to ear. Tracey replied timidly “My name is Tracey. You are very beautiful Trisha”. Tracey looked into Trisha’s eyes. She noticed that Trisha had the most wonderful aqua blue eyes. “Why don’t you come closer, Tracey” said Trisha. “Can I touch you?” asked Tracey in almost a whisper. “Why, of course you may” said Trisha. Tracey reached out and felt Trisha’s side. It was so smooth! She touched the horn, it was cool to touch. “Tracey would you like a ride?” asked Trisha. Tracey nodded ecstatically. She was so happy she could not speak. FoFo helped Tracey onto Trisha. “FoFo, please join us, won’t you?” asked Trisha. “Would be my pleasure” replied FoFo laughing. “Hold on to my mane guys!” Trisha called out. She raised her front two legs into the air and jolted out forward in speed. Tracey noticed that Trisha was hardly touching the ground. It was like she was running through the air! It was such a wonderful feeling. The cool breeze blew through Tracey’s hair. Tracey felt so content at that moment. Everything seemed so perfect and peaceful. She looked around her and tried to soak in as much beauty of AweLand as she could. Trisha rode around a meadow of flowers of so many different kinds and colours! She rode so high over the hills that Tracey thought she could almost speak to the birds in the sky! She was thoroughly enjoying the ride.

 “Would you like me to drop you someplace FoFo?” asked Trisha after a good amount of time. “Yes, to river Aldain please” replied FoFo. Trisha continued galloping swiftly until they reached the River Aldain. “FoFo and Tracey down got and thanked Trisha. “You are welcome, my dear friends” replied Trisha. “I really enjoyed the ride” said Tracey to Trisha. “I enjoyed giving you a ride too” said Trisha. She continued, “I would like to give you something”. She plucked out a strand of hair from her mane and handed it over the hair to Tracey. “This is for you. It will always remind you of me”. “Oh! This is so kind of you! Thank you so much!” said Tracey.  She looked at the hair; it was shinning and had many different colours. She hugged Trisha. FoFo handed Tracey a pouch to put the hair in. Tracey then put the pouch in her pocket. “Well, I’d better be on my way now” said Trisha, once again lifting her front two legs in the air and speeding off with FoFo and Tracey yelling Good-byes.

“FoFo, I want to thank you so much for the Unicorn ride! It was wonderful! I am never going to forget this!” said Tracey. “Well you deserved it Tracey” said FoFo with a big smile. They started to walk towards River Aldain.


7. River Aldain


FoFo led Tracey up a small path towards River Aldain. “This river is no ordinary river” said FoFo mysteriously. Tracey knew everything in AweLand was so interesting; this river must be special too. “Oh, please tell me about River Aldain!” she said with curiosity. FoFo said “Well, it is said that this river is a manifestation of the Great Zalca. Many years ago there lived an Elf called Zalca. He had great powers. He could tell the fortune of anyone by just looking at the person. He could also predict the future.  It is said he lived in the present but his eyes were many years ahead. AweLand is what it is today because of him. When Zalca grew old, he did not want the powers to end with him. He came to River Aldain and transferred all his powers into the river. His body is no more, but his powers lie with the river. The river never dries, it always flows. Many elves come here to hear their fortune or seek advice from the powers of the Great Zalca”. Tracey listened with rapt attention assimilating this interesting information. They reached the river. Its water was sparkling clear blue! There were small rocks within the river, and the water hitting against them made the sweetest music. It was like the river was humming some soft tune. Watching the river, Tracey immediately felt at ease. “Would you like to know your fortune?” FoFo asked. “Oh! Yes, I would!” said Tracey excitedly. FoFo explained that Tracey should dip her right arm in the water. Once she does that, the river will throw out a pebble. Tracey must put the pebble to her ear where she will hear her fortune. She must then kneel and drop the pebble back into the river. Tracey did exactly as FoFo explained. When she put the pebble to her ear, she felt a voice. Yes, not heard, but felt!  Instead of hearing the voice through her ears, she felt the voice inside her head! It said “You are going to grow up to be a wonderful lady who will look after others. Health and happiness will always be with you. You will get an opportunity to come to AweLand again”. With that the voice stopped. Tracey was in complete awe. She was very happy to hear the words that came through River Aldain. She knelt down and dropped the pebble gently into the river. She looked at FoFo and said “FoFo, I am honored you brought me here. I am told I will get to visit AweLand again!” “Oh! Then you definitely will! said FoFo. ” I am only too happy to show you the beauty and magic of this place. But alas, we don’t have much time left. The night is nearly over in your land, and we don’t want your parents to get worried if they don’t find you in the morning. There is just one last place I want to take you too. We must hurry though” said FoFo taking Tracey’s hand and running up a path along the river. “Where are we going?” asked Tracey breathlessly. “Some place fun!” replied FoFo running as fast as he could.




8. Fun at Pschollops


FoFo and Tracey ran till FoFo stopped suddenly and said “Here we are”. Tracey looked up and saw a sign post. She read it out aloud “Welcome to Pschollops”, “What is this?” she asked very curious. “This is the place where we have fun! Come on! I’ll show you” said FoFo. They went in and saw what looked like a fun park! Except instead of machines the rides and games were made of flowers and trees.  The park was full of Elves. So many of them! Of all ages, little and old! We just have enough time to sit on one ride said FoFo taking Tracey’s hand and walking swiftly. Tracey looked around. There were sounds of laughter and an air of merriment everywhere around. The elderly Elves sat chatting to each while and watching the little Elves play. They were sitting on the similar bean shaped stools that Tracey had sat on while visiting the Potion-Lady. The stools rocked gently back and forth as they carried on with their conversations. The little Elves were swinging on tendrils hanging down from trees. These tendrils bounced up and down with the little Elves. There were large flowers that spun around with Elves sitting in the middle. FoFo and Tracey reached in front of a giant ride set-up. It was like a roller-coaster ride! Except, in place of the rolling cars, were stools and in place of the rails were leaves! Most of the Elves have queued up here for the ride. Tracey noticed that in order to sit in the ride, the Elves had to climb a fleet of stairs to reach a platform where a line of stools were set up.  The stools were large enough for the Elf to lie down. The Elves would lie down on their tummies in them. The stools would then curve around the leaves underneath them, fastening themselves. The leaves formed a pattern along which the stool rode. The stool had to travel through three huge loops and a few twists and turns. The ride ended by crossing over the surface of a pond leaving all the Elves lying within drenched. The Elves were screaming in joy throughout the ride. It all looked so exciting!

They did not have to wait for long in the queue. “Don’t worry about the height or about falling out” said FoFo. “The pond is a gift-pond” said FoFo. “When we pass through it, you can move your arms around and if you are lucky, you can catch something!” continued FoFo as they started to climb the stairs.

They reached the platform on top. FoFo helped Tracey onto a stool and took his position in the next one. As soon as Tracey lied down, the stool shaped itself snuggly around Tracey. She felt strangely safe and secure. Once the Elves took their places in the stools, Tracey heard a whistle. The stools in front of her started rolling! Tracey felt butterflies in her stomach. She could hear the Elves screaming out as their stools rolled down steeply. “Oh!” her stool had begun to move! At first slow, and then picking up speed. She held on to her breath. But as it then started rolling downwards in super speed, Tracey could not stop her squeal! She passed through all the loops, twists and turns squealing all the while! Funny things were happening in the pit of her stomach, only it felt nice! This was fun! The stool finally reached a flat surface and slowed down. It was now going to pass over the pond! Tracey remembered what FoFo had told her. While her stool was passing over the surface, she put her arms in the water and quickly moved them around. She felt something in the palm of her hand. She caught it and held onto it. The ride came to a stop once it crossed the pond. Tracey was drenched! The stools snug fit became loose, and everyone started to get off. Tracey got up as well and turned back to see FoFo equally wet and grinning endlessly. Tracey was exhilarated! “Oh! This was so much fun FoFo!” “It was wasn’t it? It’s my favorite here” said FoFo. He showed her a golden sparkling starfish which he got it from the gift-pond. Tracey gasped “It’s beautiful! “I’ve got something too!” she said. She opened her palm. It was a perfectly round shining pearl! Tracey was ecstatic. “Wow! I love this pearl! It’s so precious!” she said. “I’m glad you enjoyed the ride and that you got something so lovely from the pond” said FoFo smiling. FoFo looked sad suddenly and Tracey understood it was time for her to head back home. FoFo started to walk the way they had entered Pschollops with Tracey following him silently.

9. Good-bye AweLand

FoFo and Tracey reached the “Welcome to Pschollops” signpost. They found Atria waiting patiently there. FoFo walked with Tracey up to her. FoFo said with remorse “I’m afraid this is all the time we have. I wish I could show you much more. But like River Aldain said you will be back another time and I hope we can meet then!” Tracey could not stop the tears rolling down her cheeks. “FoFo, I cannot thank you enough for bringing me here. This is the most magical and beautiful place I have ever seen. I have got so much from here and met such wonderful beings. I have so many wonderful memories to carry back with me. The meeting with your grandmother, being inside the colour orb, the ride on the unicorn, hearing my fortune by River Aldain and fun at Pschollops; all this was very special to me. If it were not for you, I wouldn’t have been able to see them. I have also got so much from here, a wonderful bracelet, a beautiful hair from a unicorn and this beautiful pearl. But most importantly, I have found a wonderful friend, you! said Tracey and she hugged FoFo tight. FoFo hugged her back crying himself.  “I am going to miss you FoFo and I am going to miss AweLand” said Tracey now sobbing.

“There there” said FoFo. “Don’t cry. I am only too glad you enjoyed yourself and that you will be leaving with such good memories. I hope I can see you sometime in the future too” he said. “Yes, I shall be eagerly waiting for that day” said Tracey.

She started to mount Atria’s back. FoFo pulled out a bottle from his pocket and gave it to Tracey. “This is a potion to get you to your real size” he said. “Remember to take it before you fall asleep. Farewell dear friend, until we meet again!” cried out FoFo. “Good bye!” called out Tracey as Atria flapped her wings and took off into the air. FoFo watched Atria fly in the sky till all he could see was a blue dot.


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