'his to guard'

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just a poem about finding true love

Submitted: May 02, 2010

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Submitted: May 02, 2010



she's dreaming, pretending, acting their love
yet nobody else can see it
his intentions and hopes, hide in a glove
maybe she wont beleive it

she, see's him, hears him, thinks about him
but never, does she realise
that she is not the only one
his eyes are on her most times...'

it's laughter, affection, and love, that they share
when he finnaly acts out his notion
the security of knowing the other is there
now they can show their emotions

she's wishing, dreaming, wanting him there
whenever they're apart
he always aches to she her too
she still has his heart

she's restless, hurting, she sheds a tear
and the people all notice, they stare
but they really will never know
the pain when he isnt there

she's,smiling, touching, holding him tight
he wants to fulfill her whim
as they embrace, yet another time
she works up courage to kiss him

she loves the way he acts with her
his attitude is always bright
he says he loves her once again
he wishes to stay the night

she loves him, needs him, cant be without him
he's made her fall so hard
as they go to sleep, under the stars
she thinks "my heart, is his to guard" 


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