An Ode to the Odious

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Satirical spoken word poetry, anti-imperialist and anti-'democratic'

Submitted: June 23, 2009

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Submitted: June 23, 2009



All sound the same to me!
No changes I ever see,
Just egos, lies in policy.

Men justifying their slab of stone,
By perching on our democratic throne.

Quoting precedents
Tired old gents
Who'd rather preserve
Sit on the fence;
Then serve,
All those beneath them
Using human tragedy to get even.

The higher they climb,
The lower they get,
Until their weak fires,
Are all but wet,
There's no vitality,
No passion here,

Why would we give a shit?
Why would we lend an ear?
When celebrity shines much more brightly
We vote for fame practically nightly
Couches strain while polling stations creek
Ballot slips slip by beneath
A media madness: distractive sheath
We fought for the right
We did believe
But the progress train was discontinued
Ideas delayed
Hopelessness renewed

Ever since we stopped going hungry
Stopped working hard, spoiled and sundry
Like pets we don't want to bite
If our bowls arefilled night by night

Nytol will help us sleep easy
Even imagining the price makes us queasy
The price of our luxury lap
Our Brands, our Names, our Waste on tap
The Developing will foot our bill
As like greedy guests we swill
Their blood, sweat, lives and tears
Toss our heads
Chin Chin

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