(Broken) Habits

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Submitted: October 06, 2014

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Submitted: October 06, 2014



The crisis of a girl who doesn’t know her worth,

Because you were her first,

Because, you, unrehearsed,


Bloomed in her heart, from a seed,

She didn’t even know was there.


Love at first sight, right?

She stole your wallet that night.

And to be fair,

You stole her heart.


But you had a bad habit, an addiction

That you weren’t quittin.

You had secrets,

And your secrets had names.

She was new to that game,

So she got played.

And no doubt you got laid.




You also had a habit,

Of making me laugh.


I’m not the girl I was at seventeen,

But she still lives inside of me.

And I know,

I’ve seen,

You move mountains for me.

But you couldn’t,




Give me fidelity.

And that’s more important than promise rings,

Engagement rings,

And all the finer things your money could buy.


But like the proverbial tree,

In need of saving,

I chained myself to you.

I refused to be moved

Because, I loved you

And the only one who could set me free

Was me.


And on a summer day

Six years away from that fateful night

You proved one more time that my friends were right.

I wasn’t chained to a tree,

But a tar pit

Hot, sticky, and good for my complexion

But now that you mention it,

It wasn’t so good for living a long and happy life.


I couldn’t quite let go,

And I hurt from lonely echoes of memories

Of you, and me,

But my chains were broken,

My heart was broken,

And I was free.


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