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Not a story - my ramblings about my current fustration

Submitted: January 18, 2013

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Submitted: January 18, 2013



Being married to someone who has been diagnosed with mental health issues is tough. Not trying to scare you away in the first sentence but it's the blatant truth I face daily.

It's been six months now. He was diagnosed with anxiety and depression, put onto medication and saw a psychologist. He also stopped working. A few months ago, he stopped taking the medication he was prescribed; hated the side effects and thought that he was on the up. He also stopped because on our one wage, we couldn't really afford the prescription. I personally think him not being on them is tearing us apart.

I find that we're arguing daily. I have researched how to support a spouse dealing with this issue and although all information has told me not to, I still expect that since I'm working, the house should constantly be spotless, which is not the case. He is looking for work but not having much luck.

We've been married for just over two years and the honeymoon has definitely worn off. We promised each other that divorce wasn't an option for us before we decided to go ahead and marry. Yet, I feel I'm at a crossroads. We're really close with the people in our neighborhood so every night, the guys will come around to our house and hang out or he'll go to one of their houses. Us wives aren't as close as the guys so I don't know how they feel. I personally don't see the need to do this every night and sometimes, it really upsets me. There has been about 14 days straight we're he's socialized with them each night. We set aside this Friday night for just him and I - no visitors. Looking forward to this, we'd planned to watch a movie we were both hanging out for at home and order take out. One of our neighbors was heading to the same take out place so hubby said it made sense to go together, which I was fine with. We watched the movie and enjoyed it and when it was done, he went out the front of the house which surprise surprise, he got to talking to the guys! He came inside with a bit of an attitude to what him and I would then do for the rest of the evening.  I said that I had no particular preference, what would he like to do. He huffed and said "I guess watch TV". I don't know about you, but I can't just sit infront of the box. I asked if there was something else to which led to an argument because I was in my pajamas so I couldn't go out to socialize. With reminding him it was a "neighbor-free" night anyway, who cares if I was in my pajamas!

I know I sound like a complaining hag, but for some reason, he can just hang out and sit and talk with these people yet he feels we always need to be doing "something". I'm happy to sit and talk, I'm happy to go out for a walk - anything! His mood swings are becoming worse and I wish he'd follow his doctor's advice again.

Yes, this is more blog like than story but as it's my first post, I do intend to hopefully write stories one day but needed to share what was on my heavy heart tonight and my blog that I do have, didn't seem like the right place. I don't know how this site works but would love to hear from someone if they're in or have been in a similar situation.






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